Rolling Stone: Bringing you the hottest artist — of 2008 … finally

Rolling Stone finally managed to get arguably the most fascinating figure – of last year – on their latest cover …

it only took Lil’ Wayne 3 Grammys, 1 million copies of Tha Carter III sold — in a week … in 2008’s music industry, and 10 years in the game to get the cover. It is difficult to live up to the Jonas “Clean Teen Machine” Brothers and Taylor “Very Pink, Very Perfect” Swift though — which is why they got their first covers months ago?

I must admit, the most disappointing part of the long-overdue cover is the lack of originality — per usual Rolling Stone-as-of-late. Print media is suffering, but it doesn’t take millions of dollars to portray an artist’s persona …

Watch this space: Rolling Stone: still gathering moss

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