The Re-Branding of America: Levi Johnston Goes Green!

Levi Johnston, of the Federline Johnstons, has an idea — a coherent one at that; someone ate their Wheaties this morning.

Johnston is rumored to be shopping a tell-all book about the Palins, of the Six-Pack Palins, to finance his custody battle against Bristol.


Because if Levi can’t get custody the first time around, he can make Bristol’s family look crazy enough to have the courts reopen the case for a second look …


Johnston, of the Federline Johnstons

It being Earth Day, Johnston decided to go green; because when he’s not chasing paper he’s saving it — that and he loves nature. Shortly after hearing about the eco-friendly holiday, Johnston announced that he would only release the book on tape — this was also shortly after being informed, with basic definitions of both terms, that he to be literate to write literature.

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