Distriction Playlistic: Metro Mix May 13

In the midst of a massive blogger’s block. When in doubt: recap. So here’s a quick commuter’s playlist a la whatever the iPod shuffled up — with a twist.

I’ll go with the first song shuffle picked and do a six degrees of separation to muster a Metro Mix … I don’t know. Let’s just see what comes up.

On the Circulator headed to Gallery Place and the first track was …

Fiona Apple – To Your Love

Fiona Apple interviewed Kanye West for the October 2005 issue of Interview Magazine, brilliant tandem — for the record. Kanye stopped Fiona at one point to reveal he holds her, “higher than Lauryn Hill.” Epic. Ye collaborated with Apple’s signature producer, Jon Brion, for his album Late Registration. From Heard ‘Em Say to Gold Digger, Brion delivered. My personal favorite though has to be …

Say what you say about Ye, but his lyrics are undeniable truth

How we stop the Black Panthers?/Ronald Reagan cooked up an answer
You hear that?/What Gil Scott was hearin
When our heroes and heroines got hooked on heroin/Crack raised the murder rate in DC and Maryland
We invested in that it’s like we got Merril-Lynched/And we been hangin from the same tree ever since
Sometimes I feel the music is the only medicine/So we cook it, cut it, measure it, bag it, sell it
The fiends cop it

Kanye pulled talent from across the pond to top off Common‘s 2007 Finding Forever track …

the likes of — yes, againLily Allen

who worked with Mark Ronson here on the Stop Shop demo, but also with Dizzee Rascal on his track from 2007’s Maths + English

Dizzee — the well-known British rapper — worked with cross-genre genius Beck on the …

Hell Yes (Dizzee Rascal Remix)

who also recorded the track …

enlisting the help of none other than Jon Brion who rose to prominence through his work with Fiona Apple on When the Pawn … (Hits the Conflicts he Thinks like a King) which featured …

alongside To Your Love which brings us right back to the top.

Metro Mix for May 13:
Fiona Apple –  To Your Love
Kanye West –  Crack Music ft. The Game
Common – Drivin Me Wild ft. Lily Allen
Lily Allen – Stop Shop ft. Mark Ronson
Dizzee Rascal – Wanna Be ft. Lily Allen
Beck – Fax Machine Anthem (Dizzee Rascal Remix) ft. Dizzee Rascal
Beck – Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime
Fiona Apple – Fast As You Can

See, that was fun … I anticipate a pattern of this sort of situation throughout the summer: a lot of District mosying means a lot of iPod shuffling. In this day and age, everyone collaborates with everyone — obviously.

To make this funner (as if that’s possible) comment or Tweet me with musician/producer six degrees challenges and I’ll make it work like Ru Paul.

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