Playlistic :: Music Monday: BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2009 Recap

Sun shining, birds chirping, bees buzzing, squirrels scampering about, further nature-centric noun-verb tandems … means one thing: summer music festival season. I haven’t skipped across the pond in a bit, so what better time than now to check in on how our neighbors across the Atlantic are faring these days …

Swindon hosted this year’s BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend on May 9th and 10th. Here’s this year’s tandem, and a recap of last year’s troupe … featuring some mighty familiar faces from this year’s show and last:

2009’s reigning royalty

Sir Dizzee, with the help of Calvin Harris

and his Lady Fair

and a-gain; no wonder Cudi wanted the collabo: Lily and Cudi/Day and Night,  L.A. and Dro/Black Boy Swag White Boy Tags

Intermission …

’09 had a mighty fine tandem, but ’08 brought a troupe …

Adele. Best New Artist … nbd

Justice: Served

They had Fatboy Slim, Black Kids, the Raconteurs, etc. but the available videos simply aren’t up to your caliber. Luckily, there’s plenty of good pop footage! The kind of pop that gives you diabetes — eventually. First though …

The Ting Tings

Speaking of forgettable names …

Emphasizing “pop” and “royalty” in the same post contractually obligates the following addition — that, and all the youngbloods needed a chaperone

2009 has two fresh frontrunners; but looking back at 2008, Lil and Diz were sprinting on the shoulders of giants.

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