Lil’ Broseph Jefferson


My lilest brother Alex got his first foothold in the digital space: movin’. on. up.


Each week will profile your average Hip-Hop fan and get inside their head, finding out what makes them tick and gauging their opinions on the current state of the music. If you want to be profiled email Here is the fourth installment featuring Alex Elam.

bc: Where are you from?

AE: Born in Baltimore and moved to Atlanta at age 10.

bc: Do you remember the first Hip-Hop album you bought?

AE: T.I.’s “Trap Muzik.”

bc: Do you have an all-time favorite album?

AE: Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt.”

bc: What 5 current rappers do you think are the dopest?

AE: Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Eminem, Jadakiss, and Scarface.

bc: What 5 current rappers do you think are the wackest?

AE: Soulja Boy, Bow Wow, T-Pain, 50 Cent, and Keak the Sneak.

bc: What are your favorite blogs and websites?

AE: Datpiff, Mixtape Kings, Dat Crack.

bc: What is one thing you wish Hip-Hop artists would do more?

AE: Come out hard with all five star albums.

bc: Outside of Hip-Hop, who are some other artists you listen to?

AE: Adele, RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Herbie Hancock, Rage Against the Machine, Jimmy’s Chicken Shack.

bc: If you were a rapper what would your MC name be?

AE: MC Snakz.

bc: How can other Hip-Hop fans connect with you? Do you have Twitter? Myspace? etc.

AE: They know where I stay at – Woodcliff – they can reach me.

Watch this space: Roc la Familia

Follow the link on the picture for the full article at BrokenCool

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