My Two Cents: Monday, June 22


What. a. day. In the midst of Mexican Day Care Fires, WMATA collisions, and ongoing Iran turmoil I’m going to take it to the pop place of puffery — where there is substance, but at least the style offsets the seriousness

I realized that while my blog is called “The Dime: My Two Cents” I don’t often blog in two cent format. So, here’s my two cents on two situations that went down today.

Perez and Will.i.Am: First off, I’m not completely convinced this isn’t a publicity move to A.) get will street cred by having the news call him a “rapper” and pere– mario to call him a “thug” and B.) promote the as-of-yet-unreleased remix to Boom Boom Pow


Next, after watching twelve minutes of mario commiserating I wanted to punch myself for watching it, perez just because, and for sparking this nonsense. Third, it’s funny to watch my thirteen year old sister embellish stories to siphon any and all blame away from her, but it’s just sad when a full grown man does it — man up. Finally, perez summed it up best when he said “I like writing about drama in other people’s lives; I don’t like drama in my own life.” Wow, wow.

Chris Brown and Rihanna: Who said ethics are dead? The Golden Rule is alive and well — he who has the gold makes the rules. Chris Breezy’s plea bargain’s got him riding easy. Well, depending on the community service you might see him keeping Virginia’s highways clean as you ride easy …

Eh, I feel so empty dealing with such trivialities … c’est la vie.

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