It’s Not Me, It’s Dr. Rosen Rosen

Dr. Rosen Rosen took Lily Allen’s It’s Not Me, It’s You and remixed it – he turned the tables on lyrical Lily as if to say “Maybe it is me, but let’s see what would happen if it was all you.” Rosen Rosen remixed the INMIY album by going further into the sentiment behind the substance and building an entire atmosphere from the lyrical face value. Anyone who halfway knows Allen’s music knows she lives in the subtextual world of Simpson-esque milk dud reflections on modern culture — however, this is the result when INMIY dwells on the lines themselves, as opposed to in between:

Lily Allen went more electronic and less ska, a bit darker and less light, for INMIY so she could land later gigs at concerts (because seriously, it’s hard to convey the sunny side of “LDN” at midnight); Dr. Rosen Rosen took that idea and ran with it. If the original INMIY is nighttime festival gigs, then consider It’s Not Me It’s Dr. Rosen Rosen your nightcap — it’s the stuff of which dreams (or nightmares) are made.

Lily Allen went to a hypnotherapist to get trim – a bit of image rehab; Dr. Rosen Rosen used hypnotherapuetic production to flesh out INMIY – a bit of sonic revamping. INMIDRR‘s heavy chill-out focus manifests the original album’s tongue-and-cheek dichotomies into a trance-like, catatonic delve into Lily’s literal lyrical psyche. Rosen Rosen plays doctor on INMIDRR, lulling INMIY into its most basic state and in doing so adds the beat-backed depth that digs deeper into – as opposed to deflecting from – the core message.

Prime example:

Dr. Rosen Rosen takes “Fxxk You” to the battlefield; it becomes a battle march – he expands the vibe of the lyric “you say you want to go to war well you’re already in one” to the whole track. On the heels of the Bush Administration, in light of the British National Party’s recent parliamentary ascent, and in the midst of social, political, cultural, religious, and militaristic wars on terror, terra, apathy, zealousness, and everything in between, “F*ck You” – the battle cry – makes sense of change.

SPIN Magazine hit the nail on the head when they said “‘introspective’ may not be the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of Lily Allen,” but after hearing INMIDRR, introspection might be just what the doctor ordered. Lily’s appeal is her ability to wordplay the proverbial fence and hide sincere social commentary behind sarcasm – juxtaposing substantial lyrical content with stylistic bubblegum/ska/electro-pop beats. Allen excels at being socio-politically conscious while simultaneously coolly detached. However you take her music is none of her affair, it’s yours. In Dr. Rosen Rosen’s world though, it isn’t us that matters – it’s Lily. Allen’s literal and figurative voice is her greatest asset, Dr. Rosen Rosen’s merger of the two is exactly what he ordered. All he did was elaborate on the vocal harmonies and melodies that were already there – beautifully, of course. Dr. Rosen Rosen created a complete album that takes Allen’s lyrics as seriously as her beats never quite seem to. Kudos, sir.


Watch this space: Trust Rosen Rosen — he’s a doctor.

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