The Re-Branding of America: Residences at Thomas Circle

Today’s ad isn’t a major campaign — you won’t see it on tv, online (notwithstanding here), or hear it on the radio…


much like the residences within the luxurious walls, you won’t see this ad anywhere except at Thomas Circle. The dichotomous subtext above is so terribly uncomfortable; and yet like every great story it is the “surprising yet inevitable” ending for a generation of wealthy retirees. Luxury senior living, because this is what you’ve been saving up for — thanks 401(k); 1 bedroom apartment, because even with all that success there’s no need for a guest room; pets welcome, because Fido is the only friend left. Ah yes, the idealized concept of independence after the rat race — and all of the loneliness luxury holds — await you at Thomas Circle.

Watch this space: it’s either this or Shady Pines, Ma

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