Once Upon a Time: I Told Everyone That I Knew

Persona is what you put on display …

While, often the most telling artistry happens off the record:

Watch this space: I love the dichotomous relationships between villains and heroes, because those titles depend so heavily upon the context. Kanye the Tween Queen Killer, the Pop Pariah on the surface, on the sidewalk. Mr. West still forever remains the artistic genius at his core,  for this generation’s creative class and culture: he is legend. Even when Ye was T-Painin too much his music — like his life — was g.o.o.d. Ye is a mainstream mockery, but true music’s monarch. As above, so below; looking at the clips above, so it seems from my POV that T-Swizzy is to the mainstream and music what Kanye isn’t. Par for the course though, everything she’s not makes him everything he is.

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