Ad a Day: iDon’t, but Droid Does

New fave ad du jour:

iLove that Droid build an entire commercial — not around what it is — but what iPhone isn’t. Windows, take note. If only John Kerry could’ve capitalized on the “does it really matter what exactly I am, all you need to remember is I’m not that — and I think we can all live without that.”

The iPhone was unstoppable like Santogold (it went through the competition like Kobayashi on the Fourth of July — pre Chesnutt, of course) just ask G1, Pre, Storm, etc. and throw the Storm2 in there because I doubt it’ll make anything of itself. Apple’s ads were undeniable, for some reason no one could out market the iPhone — or Mac at that.

Hello Moto, so glad you stopped by. The Droid commercial is a passive-aggressive tryfest 2009. It’s like the D.O.A. mentality meets “Run This Town” branding. The iPhone was T-Paining too much — literally, because there’s an app for that. Until the last 5 seconds of the commercial, I thought I was watching an advert for the newest iPhone — one that did do all the things it doesn’t right now. The Droid ad touts the phone as being what iPhone isn’t, and it is damn proud too. That’s why I love this commercial: it’s so Kalle Lasn, so AdBusters, so subversive — but in an advertisement. By the time the commercial is over, you can’t unwatch it and the Trojan Horse is already out the stable. They don’t even show you the phone, but like “the one that got away,” — and unlike the so-easy-a-caveman-could-do-it user-intuitive iPhone, the Droid plays hard to get. Like “the one” though, isn’t that what makes the Droid so intriguing?

Watch this space: because you’re already reconsidering your non-Verizon 2 year commitment. Not me though, I’m peachy keen with AT&T and my Curve.

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