Playlistic :: Music Monday Melange: February 1, 2009

Post-Grammy “What I’m Digging That They Didn’t” Playlist – aka “Welcome to Hipster Heartbreak”

Today we’ve got some monsters, some mavens, some Basement Jaxx, some MGMT, some “Kids,” some Cudi, some Jeezy, some Common, some Lily, and some of her womanizing problems…

Has anybody seen my disco stick?

So, LoveGame… doesn’t play

Its remixes though… go harder than Baltimore: dig it, dug it, done

Paws for the cause: now dance.

No MGMT didn’t win either… so yes, they got a fair share of iPod airplay today – apropos as the Grammys were quite juvenile last night. Timeout: Grammys, meet the corner.

Misery loves company; her nickname is sorrow, her mister’s name is Cudi

Two birds, one stone: no Grammys

Lily Allen: proof that the UK and US: still hold grudges. British English is a crazy language: chips/fries, crisps/chips, lift/elevator, chavette/ke$ha, etc. Get this, what Q Magazine calls “Track of the Year,” the Grammys don’t even have a word for – oh wait, “unlisted.” Crazy Brits and their slang.

Lily Allen: proof that covering Grammy nominated artists – no matter how well – doesn’t help your chances… or theirs. No shoes, no shirt, no service, no stauette.

Covering, collaborating; tomato/tomahto

Fear chills, Fame Kills

Now, what I’ve been digging – Grammys notwithstanding:

Base,ment Jaaaaaaaaxx

* * *



Lady Gaga: “LoveGame” (Space Cowboy Remix)
– “LoveGame”
– “LoveGame” (Chester French Remix)
– “LoveGame” (Chew Fu Remix) ft. Marilyn Manson
– “LoveGame” (Party Rock Remx) ft. LMFAO
MGMT – “Kids” (Chiddy Bang Remix)
Kid Cudi: “Pursuit of Happiness” ft. MGMT and Ratatat
– “Make Her Say” ft. Kanye West and Common
Lily Allen: “The Fear/Day ‘n’ Nite Interlude” (Live at Open’er Festival)
– “Womanizer” (Live at the V Festival)
Common – “Drivin’ Me Wild” ft. Lily Allen
Kanye West – “Amazing” ft. Young Jeezy
Basement Jaxx: “Hush Boy”
– “Bingo Bango”
– “Scars” ft. Chipmunk, Kelis, and Meleka
– “My Turn” ft. Dev ‘Lightspeed Champion’ Hynes

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