Playlistic :: Dime Dailies: Health Care Reform Playlist

President Obama is on the road promoting the historic health care legislation he signed into effect earlier this week. So I’ve decided to compile a quick primer playlist to accompany his journey and ours to and through this momentous bill, to cut through the jargon, and to break down the “can dos if you choose” of health care reform.

Bad Romance: because now you can get your lover’s ugly and disease without worrying about high premiums

Just a Girl: because it is no longer a pre-existing condition

99 Problems/Back in Black (Live at Glast08): because health care ain’t one, because the White House is back…, and because we’re beginning to look a lot like England

Rehab: because now you can go, go, go – and the American socio-political situation is already at the fourth step

Swagga Like Us: because of this – No one on the corner has swagga like Nancy, Barack, Biden, and Rahm

Brenda’s Got a Baby: because life before the reform was a “baby-killer”

It’s the End of the World as We Know It: because apparently universal health care is the fourth horseman

^but really … about that – now that health care is settled, how about reforming education: because most insurance policies don’t cure ignorant

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