BlinkkPiece :: Dime Dailies: Drake – “Over”

Aubrey “Wheelchair ‘They see me rollin’ they hatin” Jimmy” Graham dropped the video “Over” rated

My two cents:

– (0:00-0:15) Hey, I use Photoshop too! LOVE Adobe.

– (0:20) Aubrey’s not sad, he’s pensive… trying to figure out how to get out of a room with no doors – that and trying to remember how he got there in the first place

– (0:24-0:27) I’d be terse with those “way too many people” he knows now but didn’t know last year too if they left me in a hotel room like that

– (0:39-0:41) “What am I doing? Oh yeah, that’s right: I’m doing me.” Okay Rocko, 1998 called: Madonna wants her “Ray of Light” projections back

– Oh, and while you were out Successful” and “Forever” called too: they want their mash-up back… there’s a lot of missed calls, you’ve been out for a minute

– (1:01) Best way to make “sure the Young Money ship is never sinkin’:” make sure it never sets sail in the first place

– (1:20) “About to go Thriller: Mike Jackson on these…” kind of like Graham was “about” to release that album on time. Y’know what? I’ll take an “actually gone Jermajesty” at this point over an “about to go Thriller.”

– Okay Chris Brown, let’s pump the breaks on those backhands… granted it’s just air-chops: chill that out with the aggression

– (2:00) Oh, look who’s on their way to their own dance… it’s like jump rope drills meet upper body paralysis: he’s too cool for dance dancing, but too fly for the two-step

– (2:14) “One thing bout music when it hits you feel no pain.” Guess who learned how to add text overlays with Windows Movie Maker?!

– (2:20) Co-star with the short blonde hair: right label, wrong video set – “Massive Attack” is down the hall to the left

– (2:41) “High-beams on, Visine on, widescreen on…” bout to blow like vietnam, cuz im a vet: i done that, and i seen things gon’… zoned out for a second, just trying to keep the flow going

– (2:56) “I’m really too young to be feeling this old:” not what your face said… but seriously Aubrey – you look like you just woke up: all the time.

– So… were the girls in the video just projections too because Jimmy never interacted with them – once. Then again… he is Canadian.

– Synopsis: Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons? That leprechaun’s on acid!

Watch This Space: Drake is rap’s Justin Bieber… but with an old-man babyface instead of an “I’m a Big Kid Now” babyface

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