Dime Dailies: Google Chrome Gets Creative

I’ve used Google Chrome since October 2009, because – beyond the glitches – I loved its potential (one part what your teachers tell you when you aren’t realizing said potential because if you were it wouldn’t be potential it would be practice, and one part fashion vs. function). I loved Google’s aim in ease-of-usability – an internet browser that wanted to have such innate user interaction that the web became about content, interaction with what you were using as opposed to how you were using it. That said, I always had a Mozilla window up as well, because Firefox had the practicality of compatibility with websites, apps, etc. (namely: RSS Feeds). I always had faith, though, that Google would work out the kinks, and that when said day came Chrome would shine with brilliance. That day might not have come yet, but their latest ad campaign is just the reassurance I need to take solace in the fact that the day is not too far away.

I LOVE this video. I love Fats Waller. I love the sample: (Do You Intend to Put and End to) A Sweet Beginning? – because it lets me know that 1) Google has exquisite taste in music 2) they know Chrome’s concept was a delicious foray into the possibilities in not just internet browsing but online interaction – one in which they have no intention on ending and 3) they are word smiths with a knack for branding. What I love, more than anything, is the creativity and conveyed identity. Technology doesn’t have to be complex – in fact that is the problem with moving forward with innovation, it is too complex for user enjoyment: a dissertation on web function should not be a pre-requisite for delving into the digital space. So, Google lays out the basics of Chrome, the tools and features that set it apart from the Mozillas, Operas, and Internet Explorers (for those twelve people that still use IE) in a way that is artistic, intriguing, aesthetically-pleasing, and so simple. The campaign says very simply: we’re forward-thinking without leaving you behind, we’re going back to basics to set a blueprint for web 3.0 if you will – all aboard, jump on.

Watch this space: It may not be perfect, but it’s progressive: kudos.

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