40 Reasons, #37 “The Grey SNL:” When All-Black-Everything Hov met Betty White

In the face of a diversity dispute, NBC “We have Kenan and a dress, isn’t that enough for the quota?” Universal brings excitement via ethnic personification quality over quantity in this week’s SNL episode: Hova and Betty “It Ain’t Ova” White. While NBC may have a million – Jay Leno included, but far from the isolated – problems… “You know, Jay-Z has 99 problems – but this bxxch ain’t one of ‘em:” for the record – Jay and Betty are Good…

In honor of the more-than-momentous meeting of the modern moguls, a brief melange of all things “All Black” and White – from the forever young and old, from the grey to gold – a primer for the post-primetime powerhouse pairing

“To all my friends who think I’m over the hill…”

“If your local news is any good they won’t be showing anything else…”

Brass Tacks: they been doin’ it for years – what’s new is old

… and what’s grey is gold

Watch this space: Match made in Heaven, Hov’s been staying with the White since he was a baby boy in Marcy and Rose Nylund was a schoolgirl at St. Olaf’s live from New York, it’s Jigga and White! 4 down, 36 more to go…

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