Dime Dailies: Lena Horne Remembered

Last night we didn’t lose a great one, we lifted a legend to her rightful place among the stars – the celestial lights, not the limelights: Rest in Peace Lena Horne. A glance back at Lena’s life on screen and record…

Lena makes literacy fun… and funky fresh

Even at 80, Lena was flier than The Rosie Show’s Koosh shooters

… with a voice sweeter than Jell-O puddin pops

Manners matter… she even got Grover to blush past the blue: “you’re a good kisser, my nose knows.”

somewhere over the rainbow, you’ll find them both

“A Visit from Lena Horne” Sanford and Son [Part1, Part 3]

“Stormy Weather” unabridged

Watch this Space: “They just don’t make ’em like this anymore *sigh*”

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