Dime Dailies: From Spike Lee to NY-Z Absolut Says Hello Brooklyn

Brooklyn was born free, but everywhere is in chains #gentrification #culturalcommodification

eenie meemie miney meme

If a borough’s identity brought to life by Absolut, the message in the bottle is an s.o.s

Every story needs a sponsor, and every Absolut storyteller too: “Hi, my name is Brooklyn – and I’m a promo…”

“Hi Brooklyn”

Watch this space: Spike Lee and Jay-Z, voices of an era and icons of New York, bringing you Brooklyn in a vodka bottle. Hov said “You can’t make art with business in mind,” and Brooklyn is a business – not a canvas – just ask the Nets. Gentrification – from corner stores to corner stories – it can all be commodified. Beyond the sale though, is the spin and sentiment. The classic Brooklyn stoop from a point blank angle, depicted in brilliant technicolor – as if Keith Haring came back to visit Bushwick – through the lens of a pristine Absolut bottle – because life always looks better through vodka goggles. Absolut: keeping Brooklyn blocks sunny, safe, and clean since 1879 – Absolut: or else

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