BlinkkPiece: B.o.B – “A Change is Gonna Come” ft. Asher Roth & Charles Hamilton

This MLK Music Monday we snap back to 2008, when a deferred dream came to fruition: Barack Obama stood at the helm of the Mall, turning a historic page in our American tale, continuing the march from Washington as the leader of the known world. Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, in the shadows of “urban culture” typecasting and turmoil, three hip-hop newcomers came together and laid down that same vintage vision on vinyl. B.o.B, Asher Roth, and Charles Hamilton reminded us once again that though it may be a long time coming… a change is forever imminent – and today, it is clear and present.

“Change is eminent I evolve so it’s nothing; what’s the discussion?”

Prisoner to my cerebellum so I reach out to the listeners,
and my mission is I better tell’ em:
Our fear of a free mind is here, and your spirit can die
And anytime you need to cry, so you hide it deep inside
Reason why, how can you change what was written
Easy, don’t focus your brain on what they mentioned
I got so used to tryin’ to make due
I feel like I’m cheatin’ when I’m faced with a breakthrough

Change is rarely perfect en route; but just as Dr. King said: “the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important;” three years worth of imperfect growing pains is far better than 222 years of splendid stagnation, and that’s noteworthy in my book. Dream big, dream bold, dream in living color, if only to break the chains of limited reality.

We’ve been pompous every since Columbus couldn’t work a compass
We’ve accomplished what we’ve conjured up while conscious
And consciously we’ve conquered all the eye can see
Constantly concocting more options but jobs are still obsolete
It seems so odd to me an odyssey
How honesty is honestly the rarest thing upon us it’s astonishing
How did all the honest people vanish from the planet?
Leaving us a laundry list of problems to acknowledge …


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