Beautiful, Dirty, Wi-Fi: YouTube/MySpace Celebrity Playlist

The YouTube/MySpace Star of the 2000s: ringtone rappers, polyphonic popsters, internet indie rockers, and hard-driven hipsters… you basement dwelling vlogophiles are the most beautiful dirty richest of all.

We do the dance right; we have got it made like ice cream topped with honey – but we got no money…

You do the dance right (to the bank), you’ve got it made like ice cream topped with honey (or just iced-out chains), but you got no money (debatable). To the handful of you who are making something out of nothing and generating wealth riches from webcam stardom: kudos – this playlist is for you

Soulja Boy – Superman that HEAUX OH! (The “Won’t Someone Please Think of The Children?!” Remix)

Me plus you (I’ma tell you one time) [x3] <– or three
When I met you girl my heart went knock knock
Now them butterflies in my stomach won’t stop stop

Justin Bieber – Talent… lyrical deft… the trickle down effect in action #ohhighsouljaboy

Esmee Denters – “Outta Here” #youbethejudge

It was back in ’99, watchin movies all the time
Oh, when I went away for doing my first crime
And I never thought that we was gonna see each other
… and then I discovered MySpace
Sean Kingston – #friendswithinternet #seekmethroughthescreen

It starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose
Where ever it goes I always know
that you make me smile
Please stay for a while now,
Just take your time, where ever you go

Colbie Caillat – Oh, young love lyrical romances… pass the strawberries and dot-com bubbly

Lily. Allen.

Fear not, all isn’t lost in the MySpace generation; for the ten thousand Tila Tequilas there is Lily Allen: the reason, that just so happens to rhyme with silly.


Chocolate Rain
No one wants to hear about it now
Chocolate Rain
Wish real hard it goes away somehow
Chocolate Rain
Zoom the camera out and see the light


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