Pop In the Fold: LectroLips – “Exempt from Classification” EP

LectroLips: legally one part Anthony Edwards, one part Leo Tarring; sonically one part Depeche Mode, one part Daft Punk, a splash of 80s discotech, rolled around in glitter synth, sprinkled with startrails, served on cosmic vintage and you’ve got the pastry Euro-Pop sounds of Ant & Leo — say ello. They hail from across the pond with distinct sounds of heavy drum machine percussion, aerial synths, arcade FX to fight The Arcade Fire, and vocoder tones reminiscent of a late-80s danceteria. The duo released their 5-track EP “Exempt from Classification” late last year and it is an ace spin for anyone looking for a fresh twist on a sweet pop standard.

The EP finds itself lost in trance nation; pristine production blends ambient effects, echoing vocals, rollercoaster reverb, and a steady bassline in “Ordinary Conversation.” The track begs for a niche in a gapless LP, with its heart of an 80s beat, and soul of a 70s endless disco wonder. Sounds of cascading crescendos, new wave tempos, and liquid vocoder-laden I don’t want ordinary conversation, I can’t for music to begin call over the bridges like a starry-eyed surprise.

Personal favorite is the robo-candy-coated “This Record Sound.” The track plays like a Studio54 staple: from the kitschy dime-a-dozen pickup lyrics “My love is killer, and it is going to hunt you down; I’m like a tiger, baby can’t you hear me growl?” you can’t help but imagine hearing at the bar — over some vodka tonics, and possibly some equally-enticing, yet likely contraband lines — to the sheer energy of champagne glam disco dance scenes. The song builds from cold vocals, into steady strobe synth layers and four-on-the-floor beats; the tempo maintains beneath ascending effects, before the beautiful fade at two minutes. Suddenly, but seamlessly, the track cruises into stratospheric with aural layers aligning like stars in intergalactic sonic suspension. Your body tastes just like this record sound: delicious; I like to discoteque on a Friday night on the dancefloor; our bodies break a sweat on a Friday night on the dancefloor: dance we shall, body DJ.

LectroLips are a candy-coated escapade through music before the age of artificial sugars, served on a vinyl platter in a Splenda kind of world. Ant & Leo put together a medley for the contempo cosmic dancers, where they can daydream and nightscape to their electro-pop hearts’ content. Two funky white boys making Euro-dance music, rocking tanks, ties, denim, and Don Draper-originals, sounding well-good all the while… well, that’s just exempt from classification — yet just the cause and remedy for Saturday night fever.

DOWNLOAD: LectroLips – “Exempt from Classification” EP



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