BlinkkPiece: “Blow,” Ke$ha

So… busy on my front these days… but never fear, for when in doubt with all things cultural – especially Pop musical – I simply direct my attention across the pond.

Today’s piece of ear candy is courtesy of our preeminent purveying friends at Popjustice (because justice is blind – which means it has superhuman hearing #lookireaditontheinternetokay… #inothernews haven’t seen that many “p”s around pop since the pokerface set – that’s union work in action)

Trifectastic third track off of Ke$ha’s 2010 sophomore album, Cannibal. “Blow” is so low dolo, underground glitter filth funk for the miniature miscreant masses: 

Drink that Kool-Aid, follow my lead; now you’re one of us – you’re coming with me. It’s time to kill the lights and shut the DJ down.

Cults, clandestine camaraderie, and Diplo killers unite under the day-glo sonic graffiti-splattered black light. #eselfuturoahora

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