BlinkkPiece: Parade – “Louder”

Transatlantic treats on Parade this humpday – literally! A one Mister Brolley Genster dropped this spicy-in-a-safe-way (read: passable, but seems to still be missing the Ginger) English Muffin on my virtual doorstep this morning.

Meet Parade: the latest set of girls allowed entrance into the realm of Euro-sugarbaby pop melody makers – delve

Snapp: Tastes Like – Mild Spice Girls base, a hint – a hint – of Hammer Pants (because a hint is still too much), add a light layer of Ke$ha glitter filth, balloons, wrap with Miranda Cosgrove/Selena Gomez/Demi Lovato/Victoria Justice/ambiguous-brunette-tween-star-of-your-choice wardrobe, Katy Perry (the hot-and-cold adidas-house-party/teenage-dream swirl), set on a United Colors of Benneton photo shoot, add some general US-friendly UK Pop veneers – and voila! You’ve got the ‘Loudest’ Parade of teen pop stars since the last girl group that came through… While it’s here, just sit back and enjoy the ease of it all… and the double-black-diamond deja vu of instant nostalgia gone Groundhog’s Day #storyofpoplife

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