BlinkkMEdia: Justin Bieber/Jon Stewart Go Shark-Jumping on the Daily (Show)


“And now for your moment of call me when it ends Zen…”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Hey Jon and Justin, do you know what every body-switching spoof says about you behind your back? Hmm? They say that you’re a UWS-friendly Fox and Friends, that’s a less hot version of me! Yeah, so don’t try to act so… – just don’t! You can take that outdated Adam Sandler pseudo-smug facade, pre-pubescent hair flip, and shove it right up your sterile sanity-rallying swagger coach’s hairy (cue the school bus) #BOOM

Love, Freaky Friday

Watch This Space: Lindsay called… said last decade wants its “swagger” back #airquotesincluded. In related news: to the remainder of “news correspondents” waiting in line at the Bieber bar to sip that sweet tween cash-cow Kool-Aid, there’s no shame in bowing out and never saying ever to that first taste; only you can prevent Bieber Fever #makeitstop

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