BlinkkPiece: Van Go Lion – “Body Moves”

The kids are back in town with a Van Go vengeance on the dance floor…

Body Moves: (n) 1. Sonic bridge between astral and human anatomy; 2. rhythmic ebb and flow between verse and synth verve

Quite digging Van Go Lion’s debut single… It’s subtly infectious without being overbearing, smooth without being bland – miracle-whipped ephemeral sounds blended with layered vocals in a spectral sonic electro-pop parfait, if you will.

We have the same sound magnificently evolved; if “Sugarblush” was then, consider now “Canerouge:” natural, pre-refinerd, deliberate confection – yet still definitively Van Go Lion.

Techgrain keys open the track and hold on to a rush of Rusko-eque ambiance, as synth coasts along second wave Lucky Star trails through Her Mod Madgesty’s dancefloor manor. There is a continuous fluidity, from splashes of orbital raindrops, to the constant ebb and flow between detached sounds and coalesced mini-crescendos – even the vocal structure parallels the panoramic soundscape. Amy Paige’s vocals self-dialogue between her adamantly clear and cosmic ambient selves, and as much as the beat builds off of itself, the lyrics dictate the chord progression.

“Move in closely, spin Satellite,” triggers spatially detached sounds to fuse together… “Can you feel it getting stronger? Stars built to shine like golden on blue,” calls over the building back beat, and nocturnal undertones beneath rays of rhythmic light… “Break this fever: show me moves made of sweat and a bassline,” as the track cuts before the dropped bassline… “The light hits, the beat commits, the stars shine; sparkles stick to me like glue – when your body moves:” the sonic aesthetic – in 140 characters or less #runtweetthat


Watch This Space: Literally – it’s entertaining

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