BlinkkPiece: Beth Ditto – “I Wrote The Book”

Beth Ditto is why you don’t teach girls how to read or write – because they rhythmically hold it against you when you lie about who you were with last night.

You break it off, I’ll break you down
The world is full of good intentions
Paradise is full of lies
Tell you they love you but fail to mention
Who they were with again last night


Education isn’t only the motivation: it’s contagious locomotion; catchier than phonic rocks – Ditto’s book hooks. Shakers, stark swelter, MIDI percussion, vengeance verve, dark disco structured splash, heavy early-mid nineties R&B synth carbon beats, fixed reverb, cold heat, black-and-white sonic aesthetics juxtaposed static layers and fluid forms bury the night.

Ditto lays on doses of infectious creeper vocals … slow steady with a subtle strength and pungent pinch… it feels like a sour diesel cobra bite…. a bit dark… a bit heavy… but undeniably danceable… in a darling devil sort of way… as you inhale the hypnotic rhythms, remember yourself and your lyricist… dote as you please, but don’t turn your back on she who writes that which you read…

I wrote the book only protest me now
I wrote the book only.

Big girls with chic beats don’t shed tears – they collect yours, go bottoms up, chuckle with a Cheshire grin, and say cheers.

Sounds like: C&C Music Factory meets The Gossip’s frontgirl… somewhere between Portlandia’s Pacific Northbest and Harlem’s madgestic underground… Mary Beth “Wrote Ms. Mystiques Feminine Book of Secrets” FreidanBraxton #misspattsifyourenast #dittodosestherhythmicreader

Looks like: Justified love… gone deeper than Vogue’s epidermal depth

Watch This Space: Bookworms and Bass Chic

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