Vinyl Cut Prose: “Ray Gun,” The Bird and The Bee

Thus… The Bird and The Bee met in the music’s great multiverse, amongst the planets spinning all around us… wed… and consummated the marriage with a beautiful melody…

Someone came and saved my life, while caught under the weight of all this dark, hard, strife… and brought a pretty little life… even if it is an indiscriminately bright lie… the truth lies in its infinitely vast, timelessly simple, innately captivating beauty… what are we to do, where are we to go… with all this beauty stretching out behind us…. a bouncing baby ballad serenading along the stork’s aerial path, winding in between the cumulus and stratuses above… before zeroing in on the edge of my eardrums to bring a child, a cherub of the future… angelic lyrics over heavenly harmonies… ray guns are not just for the future… and pax is not merely part of the dead linguists past… here somewhere in the middle we have… obliviously astute… the gilded and gifted present…

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