Foreword Stories: Bye… Miss American Pie?

Welp… this, is… bleak; that said… just dance – gonna be okay

It’s like… when the Bayou Brady Bunch subbed out their Sunday Best Sears photo-op for a blurred backstage glimpse into when what could have been wasn’t, when what you shudder to recall overshadowed what should have been, and what is translates into: “Listen, we all we got.”

Modern American Pie

  • One Part Armchair Quarterbacking Momager and Conservator (Once Divorced)
  • Three Parts Single Mother (All the single mothers, all the single mothers… If you liked it, then you should’ve put a ring on it; instead you lived it, learned it, lamented it – now put your Luvs up!)
  • One Part Single Grandmother, One Part Single Mother (Twice Married, Once Divorced, Once Annulled, Partial Highschool Education), One Part Single Mother (Under 21)
  • Three Parts America’s Most Wanted #inthemilliondollarbabysense … (Jayden James, Sean Preston, and Maddie: three the hard way – because we’re the kids in America #ayo #uhoh)
  • All parts when Children of the Corn got Caught in the American Starry-Eyed Surprise… #shockandawful
  • No matter how you slice it… make sure you get served.

Bye, bye… miss American Pie, yet?

She is *so* Lucky…


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