Lyrically Speaking: Lily Allen – “Kabul Sxxt”

Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… why critique that which has achieved perfection at its own masterful conception… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking


There’s a hole in our logic
There’s a hole in the sky
And one day just like magic
We’re all going to die
‘Cause we didn’t turn the lights off
And we didn’t take the bus
Even though we know we should have
Oh, silly old us

Well we should have recycled
And saved our resources
Well, let’s steal someone else’s
Someone call the armed forces
And we’ll blame it on terror
Also known as religion
But we shouldn’t feel guilt
For protecting our children

I don’t have the answers
I don’t know where we start
Start to pick up all the pieces
Of everything we’ve torn apart
Now, you’d think that we’d be grateful
For the fact we’ve got a choice
Instead we throw it back at people
Who don’t even have a voice

And the teachers always told us
Told us we should love thy neighbor
And my mother always told me
Told me I should vote New Labour
But I don’t know who to trust
And I just find it all confusing
All as useless as each other
Past the point of being amusing

Watch This Space

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