A Few of My Favorite Things… 2011: The Haus


The Haus: From Government Hookers not giving a Sheibe and Paris runways getting werqed twice, from Judas and Jo Calderone to Laurieann overthrown, please believe we always left a key under the welcome mat for Hauskeeping to keep a humble home – if not beasted and broken in the best way known.

The Haus was decent… like the States it was in a transitional point this year #inatumultuouskindofway yet, still churning out presumed epochal signposts




The Haus is a favorite every year because through the turmoil and tumult it has evolved into an even more Warholian Factory for the 21st Century… The Haus: sans Dada, semi-sans Laurieann, heavy on the Nicola… #ohnico Ian, Michael, Asiel #werethedancers… in 2011 became a home for non-commercial commodified culture…

2009 The Haus could do no wrong, still cryptic, still creative, still cranking out cultural signifiers in their sleep #butnevertodream 2010 saw the Haus become a castle, and 2011 saw a reality check #andmate … presumably, 2012 will see the Haus get biblical #popgoesthekingdom


I called all my coolest art friends and we sat in a room and I said that I wanted to make my face light up. Or that I wanted to make my cane light up. Or that I wanted to make a pair of dope sunglasses. Or that I want to make video glasses, or whatever it was that I wanted to do. It’s a whole amazing creative process that’s completely separate from the label…

Lady GaGa



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