Scene Canvassing: Olka Osadzińska

Superlative scenes of contemporary brand culture artistry courtesy of Poland’s Pop Illustrator-in-Residence #warsawhol – welcome Olka Osadzińska

aleosa i

A young artist from Poland, Olka has worked on various national and international art projects.


Her artistic experience spans across clothing, fashion and lifestyle as well as online through a collaboration with the influential magazines and websites for which she draws illustrations.

What I like about this one is the pristine cuts of color, the strong contrast between everything, the collection of so many elements from a place of definition – the scenes are distinctly what they are because the people, places, products, and faces defiantly project the everything of their only thing: projected identity as new, next, forever now royalty amidst an ambivalent brand empire.

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It’s the crispest display of creative commerce, wearable fashion of the self in a market society, the Eastern European bonds drawn despite assumed culture clashes with the Stateside social scene. It’s illustrative and imagined and raw from a rouge-hued lens of robust realism… it’s guys and girls on parade, frills and grills from beneath blinding shade… it’s fast and young, and forever in its own world… it rings to a nostalgia hearkening to the lost-but-not-forgotten space embodied best by the Blackberry Pearl

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#oysterenvy #welcometomyworld #poplife

Tw: @aleosa

IG: @aleosa

#watchthisspace: Scenes on scenes on scenes #gleamteam

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