Audiobiography: Swiper

I’m an audiophilic one, like many. I love and live my music. Music is the score of said life. So, a playlist sonic biography of the slightly younger, significantly wiser self. Mood music … immune muses … Just a spin in the soundtrack of swipe’s life… Enjoi.

I see in sounds: my selfie is a soundtrack.


The (S)tar Spangled Banner – Whitney Houston [1991]

Pledge allegiance. The dawn, the genesis. Born stellar.


(W)ho Do You Think You Are – Spice Girls [1996]

When this launched, who did I think I was… who did I perceive myself to be… well, I was a bouncing Baltimore baby, the charmed second, bite-sized cerebral stellar body in orbital training, traversing the globe from within the four walls of my elementary boudoir. Reach up, maintain soul, get down, claim control… move, swing, shake, for life, for lyric, for rhyme, or reason (whichever’s in season): a la mode, a la monarchy, nine years young, forever the groovy one… cheers.


(I)f U Seek Amy – Britney Spears [2008]

Fast forward to Post-2007 with this one… I was nestled in the nation’s capital, sitting steady with national capital… Katniss Everdeen of the second Millenium’s first decade, Ms. Spears never missed the target: guess who’s back, guess who never left. Amy carried bass that still shakes global boots, keys that open cosmic doors, for filth four to the floor, can’t you see the silence stays watching… and what you’re looking at is watching you back… all of the boys and girls … stay begging. don’t forget, america – this is how you made she. preach.


(P)ower [Remix] ft. Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz – Kanye West [2010]

2010: back in Manhattan… (circa Steady atop Gotham). mood #mediacoup

Power to the people, at last! It’s a new hour
Now we all ain’t gon’ be American Idols
But you can ‘least grab a camera, shoot a viral
Take the power in your own hands

/gamemode grown dance


The (E)dge of Glory – Lady Gaga [2011]

This one… is not my “favorite” Gaga song. Likely it dwells somewhere in the lower tenth percentile on first-spin sonic affinity (the Lady has a well-endowed catalog – it happens), but I appreciate it more than most any other song in Gaga’s catalog. “The Edge of Glory,” reminds me of living in Manhattan, a two bedroom with a gorgeous view of the East River to the east and the Empire State Building to the west… solid day job, dream moonlight gig… my muse was at peak position, on the crest of her most highly anticipated album up to that point… the kind of high anticipation that is, in reality, too big to fail. I was on the crest of moving to London to study global media, and then off to Los Angeles… it was, the day this song dropped, my 24th birthday… the final hour of my first day in life on this material plane… I woke up to Lady Manhattan with a most apropos score for the gifted present that was the anniversary of that rebirth, that second life, that precipice of prismatic pop transcendence. whatever any of the aforementioned means…


(R)ay of Light – Madonna [1998]

… after the edge is eternity… after the breakthrough is the radiance… zephyr in the sky at night i wondered, did my tears of mourning sink beneath the sun… was our bodyguard ever going to come… the banner is more spangled than ever now… stars and life forever… live stellar… the body is the temple, the vessel is vehicular divine… honor it, own it… it’s not so bad once you immerse… there is no age in eternity… just spotlights and stage.




(S) tar Spangled Banner* – Whitney Houston
(W) ho Do You Think You Are – Spice Girls
(I) f U Seek Amy – Britney Spears
(P) ower [Remix] ft. Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz – Kanye West
(E) dge of Glory*  – Lady Gaga
(R) ay of Light – Madonna

*The avant “The” is silent

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