“evening in my celestial cerebral”

mood: vinyl mind flows in universal studios

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ring: flow out of sight to me (so divine) eye weave the thread, i muse my head, i’ll change that scene one day … some say i’m mad, but today i’ll be glad, eye walked out of my head, while you were out of your mind, way out here in infinity, with nothing to find, eye spent an evening in space, man, feel like an alien, far from ecstasy, in a parallel reality, and in the unified field, the liquid deep space osmosis, no quality, no vanity, delusional, planetral, and insanity, who ever you are within and out, raise chaos, there’s nothing to lose, in a parallel reality, across the earth’s reality, dimensions long gone, what’s the matter, darkness bright, black holes and neutron stars, all that matters, dark delight, far out quasars and guitars… it’s not just random, we’re all in tandem, man…


now playing: evening in my celestial cerebral;” daphne guinness, david bowie

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