“diamond mind making nature scene”

mood: dream awhile, scene awhile, studio side prophets over profits with siddhartha c/o Restitution Press, “photography for pleasure or profit…” #dontuseyourfilmforuglypurpose 

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ring: living in los angeles, smile for the camera, put on a show for the viewers back home, light the truth so they’ll forever know, everytime you look that way, shine a light in what you say, time takes its crazy toll, and how does your mirror grow, you’ll never know how close you came, until you fall in with the diamond rain, going back to these origins, the city is a natural scape, God said it’s alright, for you to fight, to free your mind, whose side are you on? like a rhomb, you’re free tonight, on a funny sunny street, salvation means to count on you, it just means to count on you… making the nature scene…


now playing: diamond mind making nature scene smile for the camera;” armor for sleep, sonic youth

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