“memory of a free human after all”

mood: telepathic televisuals and inversive innervisions, channeling anatomical retrospectives with human starmen c/o @drsc0 @d7606art @voxxromana 

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ring: fly it from the topest top of all the tops, that man has pushed beyond his brain, satori must be something just the same, scan the skies with rainbow eyes and see machines of every shape and size, we talked with tall venusians passing through, and peter tried to climb aboard but the captain shook his head, and away they soared, climbing through the ivory vibrant cloud, someone passed some bliss among the crowd, and we walked back to the road, unchained the sun living is coming and we’re gonna have a party, we’re human after all, much in common after all …


now playing: “memory of a free human after all;” david bowie, daft punk

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