BlinkkBeats: “Work BxxCH,” Britney Spears

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek

Everything was worth it. Everything is worth it. Everything will be exponentially more worth it in increasing measure as the cycles continue – if, you, work bxxch #BRITNEYTAUGHTUSALL



Please believe this could be a dissertation #ohwait #hadbeendonethat #twice #becauseitsjustthatnice

Brass tacks: It’s fun. Remixable. Killer hooks. Understandable fodder. Strong focus on the beat, pulse, and bombast Britney claims her role as integrated pneuma, as opposed to overt lyrical / verbal navigator.

I make the governor / Call me the governor

… supports said dissertation #busherayouthsubculturecelebrityicon, and thesis #welcometopostpopmusicentertainmentculture quite nicely. I approve and appreciate.

SIDENOTE: ( I’m not a youth subculture celebrity icon of an era ushered in by an incumbent governor president-elect – but if I were, I would probably hook it with: “I make the governor call me the governor” – I approve, I appreciate, I acknowledge that if ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no #WORK for tinkers’ hands… #luckyguesses #Y2Kforeveryall)


If, you, want, that life – the glass house, the fame balls, the applause, the roar, the 20/20 experience, the carte blanche to go rogue, the holy grail, the crucifixion, the revolutionary rebirth, the ability to make them go berzerk in a breath,  that ticket to kiss land – you, betta, werk.

Lyrically Speaking: “Get Lucky” ft. Pharrell – Daft Punk


Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… why critique that which has achieved perfection at its own masterful conception… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking


(Verse 1)
Like the legend of the phoenix


All ends with beginnings


What keeps the planet spinning
The force from the beginning

We’ve come too far to give up who we are
So let’s raise the bar and our cups to the stars

She’s up all night ’til the sun


I’m up all night to get some
She’s up all night for good fun
I’m up all night to get lucky


We’re up all night ’til the sun
We’re up all night to get some
We’re up all night for good fun
We’re up all night to get lucky
We’re up all night to get lucky (x4)

Ms. Education – Neurotic Society (Compulsory Mix)

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We’re living in a joke time, metaphorical coke time
Commerce and guru men, run the whole world man
Broke world and debauchery, old world brutality
Cold world kills softly
Whole world works savagely
Greedy men and pride fiends program TV screens
Quick-scam and drag queens
Real life blast fiends
Think twice this past dream

Biorhythmic: Music 4 TNGRS – Chester French

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek

This album cover is the story… of a girl named Sally TNGR; and this album is the electro-acoustic soundtrack of her self, and her TNG scene, from her highschool suitors. Music 4 TNGRSRequiem for the Teenage Dream, courtesy of Generation Adamant Abbreviated Extended Adolescence.

m4t cover

Ah, Chester French… one part Milwaukee-bred, lead singer and songwriter David-Andrew “But You Can Call Me D.A.” Wallach, one part Boston-born-bred-and-boarded multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Max Drummey. Named after Daniel Chester French, the band doesn’t veer far from their namesake’s affinity for sculpting. Though, where Daniel carved stone, this duo dwells more in the place of subcultural sculpting through soundtracking the scene of the twenty-something teen.

Welcome, TNGRS. Not quite teenagers, not quite teens, never a tween, TNGRS are a specific demographic. We have self-esteem, Chester French knows this; thus is likely why the opening track on M4TNGRS is entitled: “Next Big Thing.” You have to believe in you, or no one else will.

The eleven-track collection is a reflection of this generation, that demographic caught beneath the gifted curse of being able to know everything, without direction on how to make proper sense of anything – drowning in information, starving for knowledge.  Yet and still, as products of this abbreviated era, Wallach and Drummey managed to soundtrack said uncertainty with a near-perfect identity LP for those twenteenagers in search of the throne.

Incredible… Madonna doesn’t know how to love



Easily one of the best produced Madonna tracks of her extensive catalog, the Pharrell masterpiece “Incredible” was just that – an incredible diamond in the rough desert that was 2008’s saccharin infused Hard Candy. I left the album for awhile, I’ve had my bouts, but a fresh set of ears delivered a 2012 revelation of apocalyptic sorts… “Incredible,” Hard Candy, this in all of its “thisness” that is going on now #lookitup is a most honest and sincere plea from the place of the detached deity…

Lyrically Speaking: Jay-Z – “Beach Chair” ft. Chris Martin & “Glory” ft. Blue Ivy


Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… why critique that which has achieved perfection at its own masterful conception… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking

Life is but a dream to me, I don’t wanna wake up
Thirty odd years without having my cake up
So I’m about my paper: 24/7, 365,366 in a leap year
I don’t know why we here, since we gotta be here
Life is but a beach chair
Went from having shabby clothes, crossing over Abbey Roads
Hear my angels singing to me: “Are you happy HOV?”
I just hope I’m hearing right, Karma’s got me fearing life
Colleek are you praying for me

See I got demons in my past, so I got daughters on the way
If the prophecy’s correct, then the child should have to pay
for the sins of a father; so I barter my tomorrows against my yesterdays
In hopes that she’ll be OK
And when I’m no longer here, to shade her face from the glare
I’ll give her my share of Carol’s Daughter and a new beach chair…

TrapperKeeper – Best of 2011: Born This Way

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek

Oh, hai “that time of year again,” didn’t hear you come in – well, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. I’m not spectacular at year-end reviews… I prefer life like I prefer my albums: gapless. That said, I hat-tipped five artists, songs, and albums that made me pause and take time to jot the time and place – year included – over the last 300-someodd days; and five creations that embodied and encapsulated sonic aesthetic for 2011. To the five I take, to have and to hold; forever like a TrapperKeeper, Pop safe in the fold. #enjoi

“The Edge of Glory,” “Judas” – Born This Way – Lady Gaga

But, first, a word from our sponsor…


… and now back to our regularly scheduled Popgramming

Lyrically Speaking: “Pigeon Hold” – Port O’Brien

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek

Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… why critique that which has achieved perfection at its own masterful conception… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking

There’s a party in the basement, but the door outside is locked
There’s a line all around the corner, and it goes all around the block
And they think they’re acting clever, they think they’re gettin’ wise
They’re a Twenty-First Century rendition of 1969: so pigeonholed

BlinkkBeats: “Sunset Chimps-Élysées (VMA 2011 EP),” Art Nouveau

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Welcome to VMA 2011: no host, west coast, teenage dreams, saccharin-infused schemes – welcome to the odd future #bonjournaggers

At this juncture it’s safe to say we’re all slaves to the throne… some of us, say it better than others #namelythus That said, it’s safer to say we’re all slaves to a throne of indentured servants, who may or may not even belong at said royal table… #kanyeshrugsandotherthugs Who says you can’t ball out when the bottom falls out? Not America – because these colors don’t run; but if not these colors running the world – then who? #girls That said, every court needs a jester, or Jordan #jacksontyson #takeyourpick #six so for this year’s VMAs – the world is a soundstage, the stars are in the building, and amidst the bevy of deafeningly adamant ambiguity we have a soundtrack to keep the beat right on par with said backdrop: VMA 2011 EP – Welcome to the Beautiful Dark Twisted Sunset Boulevard of Golden Schemes and Silver Screens…

Blinkkit: “We’re going to skate to one song, and one song only.” This year the throne came home – and by home I mean industry royalty reflected “those ones.” You know… the ones who shouldn’t have been here at all – The Help that helped themselves to a seat at the table. When banks are broke, the broke make bank #namely.

Vinyl Cut Prose: “Beautiful (Inside Out)” Britney Spears x Alexxx (Mash-Up)

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC


Pop is pastiche at its finest; sometimes you need nothing more than to collect the right pieces and be the sound canvas. Half of Pop is creating the story, the other half is capturing the stars in that momentary align when the stories converge to recognize themselves…

#mindvomit The antidote, the venom, the anti-Inside Out… the cause and cure… remove the death and danger by facing the cobra head on… when what you see what you lack, and selfish love goes back to black… it takes but a mere glance in the shattered glass to change one back… Britney manifest here by manipulation – seemingly for the first time ever, for her own good – to see her fragmented self as wholly true and entirely blue… tiful

Sittin in the mirror gettin’ pretty… when the fairest of them all met the most fatally feminine fall…



BlinkkBeats: “OTIS,” Kanye West & Jay-Z

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC


Pop is pastiche at its finest; sometimes you need nothing more than to collect the right pieces and be the sound canvas. Half of Pop is creating the story, the other half is capturing the stars in that momentary align when the stories converge to recognize themselves…

Snap, Crackle, Pop: Van Go Lion Doesn’t Miss A Beat

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

Start with a cheerio, pour on some milk, add a heavy-handed dose of synth sweetener, and you’ve got Van Go Lion’s British debut, “We Don’t Miss A Beat:” proof that an earful of VGL does the body good, and a spoonful of sugar makes the melody get down.

Love these kids, every track is like Pop Just Desserts for breakfast… #wakeuptomusic

Watch This Space: They’re armed for 8-bit battle, and deliciously digitized #literally

VCP Mixology: El Cobre’s Dark and Stormy

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

A splash of symphonics, a dose of distilled spirits, twist of turntablism on tap, chilled swelter of the most aurally intoxicating blend… resting forever assured it will satisfy most any fiending trap… Mix me a beat fit for the most keen of tongues, and cultured of eardrums… intoxicate me: i’m a lush #inthelyricalsense

“New York has more alcohol in one establishment, than most cities have on entire blocks…” I live life like the classics… I choose three steps over twelve any day… eat, drink, be merry… I feast on socio-philosophy, I sip on life’s most delicious libations, and music makes this muse the merriest of all… in a city that is The City… in the comsopolitan metropolis that puts other microcosms to shame… Each drummer marches to their own beat, just as each bartender mixes to their own drink…

Tunes on Tap: #avotresantebushebushe

BlinkkBeats: Beth Ditto – “I Wrote The Book”

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Beth Ditto is why you don’t teach girls how to read or write – because they rhythmically hold it against you when you lie about who you were with last night.

You break it off, I’ll break you down
The world is full of good intentions
Paradise is full of lies
Tell you they love you but fail to mention
Who they were with again last night


Education isn’t only the motivation: it’s contagious locomotion; catchier than phonic rocks – Ditto’s book hooks. Shakers, stark swelter, MIDI percussion, vengeance verve, dark disco structured splash, heavy early-mid nineties R&B synth carbon beats, fixed reverb, cold heat, black-and-white sonic aesthetics juxtaposed static layers and fluid forms bury the night.

Vinyl Cut Prose: Wes Montgomery

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

Mr. Wes is in the building…

Don’t worry about reading… enjoy the sounds, and focus your mind on nothing more than the natural exchange of simply breathing… just settle down, calm your nerves, and fall into the rhythmic splendor that is Wes Montgomery’s swelteringly smooth mood… A day in the life of the sonic summertime Cyrano, right around midnight…


BlinkkBeats: Britney Spears – “Till The World Ends” (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha

biorhythmic, SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

Brit and The Bic spark the firework as Good Friday brings 2011’s crucifixition of culture courtesy of Pop: for those who think young *ding*

When the dust settles at the feet of Rihanna’s brothel, and Madam Spears breaks away from the featureit becomes glaringly clear that when placed in the company of her peers and those whom she preceded – Britney is best as the ringmaster, swag over doccious – all eyes on the three-ring-circus… in a beautiful demise upon Neo-Roman American eyes… the products of Pop’s most prominent puppeted puppeteer… Nicki Minaj… Ke$ha… sounding off as pop donatellas from the shoulders of their predecessor Spears, and simultaneously protecting the legacy of that very same ill-fated musing godmother…

BlinkkBeats: “Voyeur,” LectroLips

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

The LectroLips boys are back in town… with an electronically-fueled, invasively-visual record sound…

A quick-and-dirty post for a quick-and-dirty pair from across the pond.

BlinkkIt: Sound rides in on the lightly warped horseback of Madonna’s confessional future love… “I would like… to be your clone…” vocodors like Sebastien Tellier’s twin with a British tone… then the kick drum stomps – bum. bum-bum. BUM. BUM-BUM – less Tom Green, more Euro-synthed-dance-scene #thatsagoodthing Ambient waves crash under a raw percussion-piano pound, the fever pitched “I like to watch – voyeur, voyeur” vocal crown, the peaked aerial crescendo mounds – and calm: “I want to taste… you ecstatic…” #eargasmic “I want you to slip… into something… more uncomfortable…” never sounded so engaging – in a musically matrimonial way.

BlinkkBeats: Van Go Lion – “Body Moves”

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

The kids are back in town with a Van Go vengeance on the dance floor…

Body Moves: (n) 1. Sonic bridge between astral and human anatomy; 2. rhythmic ebb and flow between verse and synth verve

Quite digging Van Go Lion’s debut single… It’s subtly infectious without being overbearing, smooth without being bland – miracle-whipped ephemeral sounds blended with layered vocals in a spectral sonic electro-pop parfait, if you will.

We have the same sound magnificently evolved; if “Sugarblush” was then, consider now “Canerouge:” natural, pre-refinerd, deliberate confection – yet still definitively Van Go Lion.

It’s 3AM: Do you know where your Pop is? Transmitting Till the World Ends…

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

Daddy I’m so sorry, I’m so s-s-sorry yeah… Pop just likes to party – with the shadows in the lair #bangbang

3am – do you know where your Pop is? Chances are, if you are a fiend – like so many of us are #dontjudgemepopsconflictfree – your good ol’ grand wonderful Pop was sharing a campfire tale of epic curfew-breaking proportions to the digital world. Three is a powerful number, and this morning when the clock struck thine: Britney dropped a bomb, while GaGa posted on CP time…

Spearheading GaGavision…

Forty. Minutes. #days Later. #punctuality #lentensacrifice

BlinkkBeats: Leila Adu – “Walk My Road” and “Martian Raft”

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

Dubbed “Spooky Adu” by Steve Albini (Nirvana, Joanna Newsom, PJ Harvey producer) who recorded her solo album, Dark Joan, “Leila Adu takes you on an aural journey that most progressive rock albums could only attempt.” Raised in New Zealand of Ghanaian descent, Adu has produced three acclaimed albums, written for and sung with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, toured extensively and had radio play in the UK, mainland Europe, the US, Australasia, Russia and the Far East.

Leila Adu has a distinct sound, one that in its antiquity finds a fresh niche space among the mainstream current. Adu’s music reflects her own rich and diverse identity, blending indigenous sounds from the South Pacific and Ghana with tangibly fantastical instrumentation – a sonic funhouse of second glances and expanded perceptions. There’s a strong sense of Steampunk flowing through Adu’s Cherry Pie in the Factory Worker’s honorable eye – ear rather – demeanor, as otherworldly themes coalesce with Victorian-tinged melodies. So below: take a listen at the old, the featured, and the new of the one Miss Leila Adu…

BlinkkBeats: Lady Gaga – “Born This Way (The Country Road Version)”

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

… you already know what it is kids


Off the heels of the “What Would Gaga Do?” panel, the Lady herself drops a country rendition of her most successful nursery rhyme to date. “Born This Way (The Country Road Version):” because if SxSW taught us nothing else #whichitdidnt it’s that one thing hipsters, cowboys, Californians, and Texans can agree on is fashion #putitallonme – bienvenidos a la flannel panel #pawsup


But seriously: The country road version of “Born This Way” is masterful… a stripped-down settled score that takes the down-home Good Ol’ Boy twang global… blending Bible Belt sounds with multicultural lyricism, making the seemingly Patriotic polarized suddenly pluralist… free hugs courtesy of the first world as Red and Blue States unite under the Rainbow Coalition Hands-Across-the-Atlas anthem

BlinkkBeats: “Inside Out,” Britney Spears

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

Somewhere in the middle of Britney Spears’ “most mature and upbeat album yet,” rests the soul comfortably nestled on the album sleeve; “Inside Out,” slated to be the third single, is Femme Fatale‘s unsettlingly brilliant black sheep. Britney… Britney, Britney… – Britney: No one can properly execute your sonic psyche better than you… Opus: Magnumed.

Dr. Luke becomes an aural Darren Aronofsky, producing a sonic landscape where Britney’s voice lingers as the pneuma in a world of perpetual descent, digital raindrops fall between heavy bass and dark ambient sounds… in Spears’ world since celebrity, all she has known is a world flipped upside-down… a life lived inside-out.


A bad romance – heavily damaged but never quite done – between three… it’s a haunting aural love triangle between she, he, and the omnipresent voyeuristic we…

BlinkkBeats: GreatEclectic – “MEG▲LOMANI▲”

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

I’ve hit the point where Pop music is so good right now – so perfect – that I can’t even make sense of it because it makes too much sense in and of itself #senseless To be fair, that point started swinging as soon as the beast beat beneath Perry’s Dark Teenage Twisted Fantasy dropped, and it officially hit when Rozay held Brit against me; Pop: because I’ll take you everywhere – call me MC Hammer #imaboutscene. GreatEclectic isn’t a moniker, it isn’t a motto, or even a mantra – it is a melodic manifesto: #thus

Cover Me:

BlinkkBeats: Lady Gaga – “Government Hooker” (Mugler Remix)

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC, Vinyl Cut Prose

And here we are again… Gaga previewed yet another track from Born This Way – at yet another Thierry Mugler Fashion Week show – as she debuted the exclusive Mugler remix to the brilliant “Government Hooker.” #greatestgroundhogsdayever

BlinkkIt: Grammy 2011 Performances

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Said it before, I’ll say it again #whawhawhawhatdidyousay #yourebreakinuponme in case you’re worried about Pop in 2011: #dontbe

The Grammys, if nothing else, were a top notch Pop production – a beautiful stage show presenting what will be the subsequent year in industry music #whatelseisthere This year was a collaboration of the most notable in recent years – good or bad #thegrammysarenotacheesesandwich – the event brought together a realm of musicians from heavyweights to new bloods and Country crooners to West Coast crypt-walkers… all for the love of Pop #orsomethingtothateffect The performances gave a splendid snapshot of the industry’s landscape, and reflected perfectly the identity of the respective artist on stage – Justin Bieber included… so without further ado, let’s delve into GrammyView

GaGa… oh GaGa #andAGAIN A performance stripped down, stark, and raw as a newborn; explosive, soulful, and synthesized like the new human condition; and with a pure concerted energy to fuel the next era in Pop. #bornthisway: Smoke-and-mirrors stripped – abs ripped #luccarlsdrunkdietworksforshe GaGa: because Pop just got an organ donor… because the misconception is that it was an egg, because the assumption is that – like Post-Reagan urban culture, like premature emergence – crack kills… but this isn’t an egg – it’s an incubator… and in this space the artist and era remain unbreakable.

Bruno Mars, B.o.B., Janelle Monaemiseducated miscreants of the most masterful and musically marvelous kind… #followyourblisstothisfunk

Grammy Night 2011: Predictions and the Like…

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

So.. it’s Grammy night – again. Thus…

inanutshell: I’m excited for a surprise this year. While I haven’t been keeping as up-to-speed with all things Grammy-related this year, apparently GaGa is doing something, and if that’s not enough something, she’s doing something in a coffin (incubator… death/birth… monster/madam… #kanyeshrug) so… that’s something – and if nothing else it’s a heads up that yes: something is going to get kilt like a Scotsman. Moving forward… Eminem has many-a-nods this year, as does Katy Perry, the Wayward Baby, Bruno Mars, Mr. Sean, and Lady Antebellum. I mean… it’s the Grammys; so – you already know. No pretense this year – let’s get to predictin’!


Album of the Year

Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Eminem – Recovery
Lady Antebellum – Need You Now
Lady Gaga – The Fame Monster
Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

BlinkkIt: Eminem released his most authentic album to date since The Marshall Mathers LP, but from a place of noted maturity. He had a massive year with two key Super Bowl spots highlighting the soul and scene of America – Brisk as the creative claymation “this is why I don’t do commercials!” commercial, and Chrysler for the theatric homage to the lost Motor City of Motown. Lady Antebellum brings the down-home mainstream twang that is not to be overlooked in Grammy-town Nashville. The Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs captures the Pitchfork-friendly sonic aesthetic; which, historically, is triumphant in its place as a nominee – not as a victor. Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream … still not settled with this nomination by technical standards, or any standards outside of radio play really… but it’s nice to have that aspirational everygirl Pop presence within the category. Inevitably: Lady GaGa for the win, for the cause – and if nothing else, for the paws. #up

BlinkkBeats: Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC


and on the fifth day Gaga unleashed the beasts, saw everything that she had famed… and behold: it was very good

SnappIt: Well look who just got a job at the electric company… bringin’ the sweatglam-seventies-borderline-aerosol-eighties club scene back with more flamboyant fervor than the lil’ tranny train that could work a runway: girl paws yes please.

#inanutshell: Just as big as before, but a more detailed, well-composed, worldly, optimistic “Bad Romance.” Very “After getting best undressed senior in high school, I went to Cal Berkeley, hung out in the Haight and now I’ve expanded my rainbow horizons.” *That* big sister. … *that* Dennis the Menace to Madonna’s Mr. Wilson “I love you and all but, the what are you doing on my lawn – all the tick-tock time?!”

140 or less: Merry Neo-Disco Christmas! Open your heart, enjoy the holiday; don’t be drag, be a queen – and lay off the dirty ice cream

Verdict: Two Snapps A Whirl A Twirl and Circle Around

It’s a wrap; somewhere, Ronald Reagan is crying on Basquiat’s shoulder #postpostdiscodemonic #allsmileshere This is what some would call a “Game Changer,” this is what lil’ monsters would refer to as a “GagameChanger” – before underwriting “AND IT WAS BORN THIS WAY, BABY!” for a quick fix good measure – either way, this matters. She’s been saying it all year, but it’s a bit different when it happens.

“Ugh swiper… but how does it soundddddd – what does it all meannnnn?”

BlinkkBeats: “Look at Me Now” ft. Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Wayne – Chris Brown

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Chris Brown may have 20/20 vision, but shineblocker logic seems to keep slipping past his periphery… I don’t see how you gon’ hate from outside the club – you can’t even get in?

I get what you get in 10 years, in two days
Ladies love me, I’m on my cool J
If you get what I get what would you say
She wax it all off, Mr Miyagi
And them suicide doors, Hari Kari

Well, one thing’s for sure… two days worth of the boy’s self-esteem is enough to serve the whole community for the next ten years. Eye see you, your Flipmode squad, and your lil’ tune chi too…

Diplohmy word – pause what you heard – Mr. Brown is back in Afrojack… and them suicide doors? Hari Kari. Wax off the samurai sword, Chris Far East cruises through this track with Busta, and Wayne in tow. The trifecta flow three-the-hard way through Diplo & Afrojack’s neo-oriental killer coi beatquake.

BlinkkBeats: Britney Spears – “Femme Fatale” Album Cover

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Okay breath, unbate yourself – it’s safe to come out now; Britney unveiled the title and cover for her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale. (Source: #justthislittlethingcalledtwitter) So… you can go ahead and exhale that sigh of (unsubstantiated) disbelief relief now


SnapBakks: Christina Aguilera – “Beautiful” (World Hunger Relief PSA Acoustic)

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Stumbled across a diamond-in-the-rough today… Christina Aguilera set up shop with guitarist Josh Klinghoffer to give an impromptu acoustic cover of the 2002 Stripped classic, “Beautiful.” Phil Joanou directed the :60 PSA for World Hunger Relief; and if nothing else, this brief trackback to Aguilera’s sophomore days stands as reminder that before and beyond Bionic, Christina is sheer stripped down soul at its paramount finest.

Sunday Best like a subtle sermon on the mount…

BlinkkBeats: Britney Spears x Rick Ross – BMF (Hold it Against Rozay Mash-Up)

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Water cooler tip of the day: Complex Magazine posted an article about Lady GaGa’s adolescent cocaine use #becauseitissonews #becauseyoucare #becausenewswasbornthiswaybaby


You know what would be fun? If somewhere in the Deep South “Miss American Dream Since She Was Seventeen” was recording Maybach Music, riding shotgun with Ricky Ross, redefining what it means to be a BMFn white girl… if only to remind you that, from the Kentwood Police Department to Kevin’s apartment: Britney Jean’s Been Murkin’ Feds… well, if you find Ms. Spears on leave guarding the Keys with Rick in Miami – you can hold it against GE: this mash-up had to happen #greateeclecticsighsyourewelcome

This might just be the hardest, coldest, hottest, street Urban-Junglegum Pop in existence… this is the darkest alley, and the whitest picket in the fence… it’s Teflon Don, and it’s Tupperware Amy… it’s black magic, fam.

DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears x Rick Ross – “BMF (‘Hold It Against Rozay’ Remix)”

BlinkkBeats: Parade – “Louder”

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Transatlantic treats on Parade this humpday – literally! A one Mister Brolley Genster dropped this spicy-in-a-safe-way (read: passable, but seems to still be missing the Ginger) English Muffin on my virtual doorstep this morning.

Meet Parade: the latest set of girls allowed entrance into the realm of Euro-sugarbaby pop melody makers – delve

BlinkkBeats: “Blow,” Ke$ha

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

So… busy on my front these days… but never fear, for when in doubt with all things cultural – especially Pop musical – I simply direct my attention across the pond.

Today’s piece of ear candy is courtesy of our preeminent purveying friends at Popjustice (because justice is blind – which means it has superhuman hearing #lookireaditontheinternetokay… #inothernews haven’t seen that many “p”s around pop since the pokerface set – that’s union work in action)

BlinkkBeats: Kanye Tweets & “Life on Mars”

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Pop is pastiche at its finest; sometimes you need nothing more than to collect the right pieces and be the sound canvas. Half of Pop is creating the story, the other half is capturing the stars in that momentary align when the stories converge to recognize themselves

BlinkkIt: “When Yeezy met Ziggy”

Beautiful, Dirty, Wi-Fi: YouTube/MySpace Celebrity Playlist

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

The YouTube/MySpace Star of the 2000s: ringtone rappers, polyphonic popsters, internet indie rockers, and hard-driven hipsters… you basement dwelling vlogophiles are the most beautiful dirty richest of all.

We do the dance right; we have got it made like ice cream topped with honey – but we got no money…

You do the dance right (to the bank), you’ve got it made like ice cream topped with honey (or just iced-out chains), but you got no money (debatable). To the handful of you who are making something out of nothing and generating wealth riches from webcam stardom: kudos – this playlist is for you

Soulja Boy – Superman that HEAUX OH! (The “Won’t Someone Please Think of The Children?!” Remix)

BlinkkBeats: B.o.B – “A Change is Gonna Come” ft. Asher Roth & Charles Hamilton

SnapTrakks, TK:NYC

This MLK Music Monday we snap back to 2008, when a deferred dream came to fruition: Barack Obama stood at the helm of the Mall, turning a historic page in our American tale, continuing the march from Washington as the leader of the known world. Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, in the shadows of “urban culture” typecasting and turmoil, three hip-hop newcomers came together and laid down that same vintage vision on vinyl. B.o.B, Asher Roth, and Charles Hamilton reminded us once again that though it may be a long time coming… a change is forever imminent – and today, it is clear and present.

“Change is eminent I evolve so it’s nothing; what’s the discussion?”

Prisoner to my cerebellum so I reach out to the listeners,
and my mission is I better tell’ em:
Our fear of a free mind is here, and your spirit can die
And anytime you need to cry, so you hide it deep inside
Reason why, how can you change what was written
Easy, don’t focus your brain on what they mentioned
I got so used to tryin’ to make due
I feel like I’m cheatin’ when I’m faced with a breakthrough

BlinkkBeats: Aaliyah – “I Can Be”

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Aaliyah would have been 32 today; so, in light of the modern-iconic urban songstress’ birthday let’s snap back to a classic track from her unforgettable 2001 release, Aaliyah. Press play, and rewind to a finer time… relax, and think back to all the things Babygirl could have grown up to be – but more importantly, the lasting impression of her current legacy: happy birthday Aaliyah.

BlinkkBeats: Lady GaGa – “Animal (Jungle Claws)” Demo (Produced by Darkchild)

SnapTrakks, Soundtrek, TK:NYC

Yep… just… yep… Two weeks into 2011 and we’ve already got new Yeezy, Hov, and Britney, plus Andre 3000 on a Ke$ha remix in case you were worried about Pop #dontbe. Just in time for the weekend, Gaga rounds out the cavalry with the drum-laden Darkchild-produced “Animal” demo – so kick up your feet, put up those paws, and get wild.

Classic Darkchild: stop-and-go staccato, deep bass and synth strobes, effortlessly paralleled instrumental and lyrical dialogue – unconventional, but highly communicable viral beats. Classic Gaga: simple lyrics, systematic delivery, monotone repetition, subtle steady escalations with increased definition, elemental and enveloping everything, omnipresent voyeur/exhibitionist vantage:

I can see the way that you’re looking at me, like you’re hungry and I am the only thing that you see; won’t tame you, love the way you’re watching me.

Together, the tandem create a black panther track prowling through the aural Amazon. This song is modern jungle fever – it’s basic, it builds, it breathes, it swelters, it designates and dominates tricks; in a nutshell: call it what you want, but call it – because it’s never too busy to get busy. #pawsupheaddown