Crate Dig: My First Blog Post #ever #kindof

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Stumbled across my now-defunct first blog from back in 2007 #thatyear and in the past six years… not much has changed at all… what can I say?

For the sake of morbid curiosity… from October 2007… my first blog post… #itsadoosie #notheresnopictures

swiper sighs manifesto

So until I figure out this whole music blog thing i’ll just blog about pop culture, pseudo-politics, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, ology … the usual and of course media/entertainment which includes music, movies, tv a bit, books, or whatever suits my fancy.

Ummmm as for the music scene right now – it’s lacking in the mainstream. American Top 40 isn’t a good representation of music, the Top 40 should be indicative of the culture. The top 40 is watered down everything, even pop is watered down. Say what you will about Britney, Christina, N Sync, and Backstreet – but they were Pop: down to the core. They were catchy and they got into your head. They were like Saccharin; they were too sweet, and it was so synthetic, but they were devoured by the masses. You could not deny the sheer “Pop” of it.

The Re-Branding of America: Betty White, McCain Speechwriter; Rose Nylund, Palin Mentor


From the YouTube archives — an oldie but goodie:

When John McCain needed a shot of youth to revitalize his campaign there was only one obvious choice: Betty White.

While she may have been McCain’s scribe, Betty White’s signature character, Rose Nyland, served an even more pivotal role as Sarah Palin’s mentor:

You Can’t Bea Serious

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So last week was chock full of goodness … but alas, life isn’t conducive to blogging right now. Didn’t get a chance to blog a recap of the week but you can’t spell blog without the letter b and that letter is a halfway-homonym to Bea … Bea Arthur. Long story short, I had to post a blog for Bea.

Brief makeup for lost time:

I didn’t post on April 20 so …

Belated Happy Birthday to the freshest: Edie Sedgwick

… who shares quite a bit with the recreation celebrated on the same day

Belated welcome to the Taurean time of year, and those whose birthdays fall within that most brilliant season — we’re kind of a big deal.

Belated “Two thumbs fresh” kudos to Lily Allen for a brilliant show at Roseland …

though it’s apparent she doesn’t need my validation


It’s amazing what two years and tenacity will do to your fanbase: from Webster Hall and highschool kids, to Roseland and high profile industry people (oddly enough making up for the bulk of non-dancing attendees who congregated around my nook); Even more amazing is what two weeks and a Twitter will do to your fan club — of haters …


Keep in mind … that was just last Monday — and not even the half of it. Moving on though, I didn’t post on Spring coming to DC; or my having to drop her off at National because Summer decided to catch an early flight in — six to eight weeks early. Again though, I doubt anyone in DC — or on the Eastern Seaboard — needed the heads up about the heat, at least not these kids …


I don’t know if the little girl’s chagrin is over the sun or swine flu — but either way she is feeling the struggle of life.

That said, I didn’t post on the litany of massive events this past week … but I had to post on Bea. We lost a great one …

she got it from her momma …

Estelle and Bea; Sophia and Dorothy. Epic.


That’s all for now. So beat. In the interest of time — and sanity — I’m going to clog and tumble my thoughts for a bit, until I get a chance to breathe and blog. Ciao kids.

Amplify: Digital Media Goes Dutch


Amplify: it’s bringing clogs back harder than Birkenstock; this could be the biggest digi-Dutch tandem since cybercafés digitized the coffee shop


Okay, but who are the these amplifiers you might ask …


That’s all well and good, but what if you’ve got a few questions about exactly what clogging is …whatsaclog

or, you wonder, what with all of the Facebooks, Blogspots, Twitters, and Typepads out there, why clog?


I say with the recession the way it is, ditch the ticket to Amsterdam and head to Amplify for the freshest clogs around.

Tip another one up to Digital Media Integration. Amplify keeps the creative content base of blogs; while adding the incredibly user-friendly clipping tool for seamless organization and clean presentation. What sets clogging apart from blogging, Tweeting, or Facebooking, per se, is Amplify’s core integrated approach; Clogs can stand alone as an introductory foray into blogging for beginners, but can better yet enhance any digital guru’s online presence by pinging Clogs to synced, Facebook, RSS feeds, and Twitter accounts. The site is still in the Beta release stage, so it’s as good a time as any to check it out. I’m just getting aquainted myself, but the intuitive layout makes for an easy transition.

Watch this space: Clip, comment, and Clog — it’s that easy. Clogging could be a great digital niche for disaffected former bloggers — the ones for whom the honeymoon with blogging is over, and “updating posts” stays somewhere between ‘fixing the cabinet’ and ‘buying life insurance’ on the “To Should Do List.”  Most noteworthy of all: it’s integrated and independent, comprehensive and concise — and, of course, digital and Dutch … digi-Dutch.

Added bonus: it’s free; so, no worries on splitting the bill

The Re-Branding of America: Distriction – Metro Moment April 23


Bipartisanship: If it can’t work on the Metro, it’ll never work on the Hill


DC residents and their politics, the world is red and blue from birth — they just can’t seem to see eye-to-eye.

Honestly though, two of the most well-mannered Metro riders I’ve come across — adults included.

The Re-Branding of America: Levi Johnston Goes Green!


Levi Johnston, of the Federline Johnstons, has an idea — a coherent one at that; someone ate their Wheaties this morning.

Johnston is rumored to be shopping a tell-all book about the Palins, of the Six-Pack Palins, to finance his custody battle against Bristol.

Distriction: LDN meets DC at 930

Soundtrek, TK:DC

Missed out on the Circus, but still want to see a fly Brit? Lucky you, DC …

Rhymes with Silly‘ Allen is in town for her sold-out performance tonight at the 930 Club


Her shows sell-out so she doesn’t have to


In related news: We can’t say the same for Hot97 and Cipha



Drake aka “Don’t Call Me Jimmy” —

drake shots_jimmy

Watch this space: Music makes the people come together — the bourgoise and the rebel

The Beat: Sasha Obama’s Tax Records


This just in: Sasha Obama’s Diva defense was overruled when she could not legitimize being “the female version of a hustla.”

Brilliant Onion article —


“Believe me, Ms. Obama, you will suffer the harshest punishment available under the law.”

Baucus went on to say that he was disgusted by the second-grader’s “ruthless greed, especially at a time when so many honest Americans have to go without.” According to witnesses, the chairman repeatedly demanded that Sasha respond to the charges before her and refrain from trying to dodge questions by playing with her pigtails, leaving to use the bathroom, and asking what “personable accountafrility” means.

“The fact that you keep looking over to your mother to find out what to say suggests guilt on your part,” Baucus said. “Well, young lady, I’m afraid you’ve run out of places to hide. The American people are finally going to get the explanation they deserve.”

“Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about. You will not walk away from this, Ms. Obama.”


[Charges] included Sasha’s failure to declare the weekly earnings she took in for helping to wash the dishes at night; several oral contracts the child entered into, whereby she received small stipends of taxpayer money for finishing all of her homework; and, perhaps most damning of all, the gifts she is said to have accepted from lawmakers, Cabinet members, and aunts and uncles visiting the White House on her birthday.

Still reeling from the controversy of having three of his Cabinet nominees investigated for owing back taxes, President Barack Obama attempted to distance himself from this latest situation.

“I’m sorry, but I barely know this woman,” Obama said during his testimony before the committee. “Apart from a few conversations we’ve had in the past eight years, I’d say she’s a complete stranger.”

Watch this space: Every good conwoman needs an accomplice —

… nah, too obvious — and what conman says “oh man,” like that? But wait, what’s that red in the corner of the helicopter shot — it couldn’t be

— from the looks of it Carmen is on the homework hustle with “‘Mr. Fuzzles’ and a ‘Professor Peanut Butter.'” Oh, Sasha’s good.

The Re-Branding of America: Tax Day Tea Parties – Quiet Riots for “Smart Mobs”


Tax Day Protests … Riots for people who can afford to not loot stores


So who’s behind the Tax Day tea parties? Ordinary folks who are using the power of the Internet to organize. For a number of years, techno-geeks have been organizing “flash crowds.” This is part of a general phenomenon dubbed “Smart Mobs” by Howard Rheingold.

Because the only thing that strikes more fear in people’s hearts than words “Tea Party” is “Smart Mob.” Viva la Revolucion.

This influx of new energy and new talent is likely to inject new life into small-government politics around the nation. The mainstream Republican Party still seems limp and disorganized. This grassroots effort may revitalize it. Or the tea-party movement may lead to a new third party that may replace the GOP, just as the GOP replaced the fractured and hapless Whigs.

Watch out Dems … they’re organizing — and unifying. You know what happens when the GOP gets “revitalized”:

The “Smart Mobs” put their heads together and pick leaders that put Mensa to shame …

and give socialists the fear; they’ve already got Barack running for the Border — along with everyone else

Watch this space: I think Smart Mob is a code-word — a euphemistic strech of the imagination, perhaps; they’re Teabaggers

eHarmony member #612679: Lindsay Lohan


yes. pop’s teflon donatella: looking for love, someone to spend the rest of her life with — or, at least, the rest of her probation with

I would describe my personality as creative — I’m  a bit of a night-owl. I’m a workaholic; I’m a shopaholic … and according to the State of California: an alcoholic — as well as a threat to all security guards, if they work at hotels.

Watch this space: you can’t catch her, she’s the gingerhead girl

Daily News in the Digital Domain

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Welcome to the corner-wide web


If your local newspaper shuts down, what will take the place of its coverage? Perhaps a package of information about your neighborhood, or even your block, assembled by a computer.

A number of Web start-up companies are creating so-called hyperlocal news sites that let people zoom in on what is happening closest to them, often without involving traditional journalists.

“Hyperlocal” news upstarts present a clear opportunity for a print partnership in the digital sphere. It is a semi-well known fact that most news consumers trust their local news over regional and national outlets. This endeavor shifts that trust — and the trusting readership — online.

However, traditional media continues to interact with new media as a threat and foe — considering content control and regulation in order to leverage lost profits. These next-gen journalists have no qualms about venturing ahead without print.

But many hyperlocal entrepreneurs say they are counting on a proliferation of blogs and small local journalism start-ups to keep providing content.

“In many cities, the local blog scene is so rich and deep that even if a newspaper goes away, there would be still be plenty of stuff for us to publish,” said Mr. Holovaty of EveryBlock.

Watch this space: this is where the seeds of cyber-based news as a signpost medium are being planted … this will set the stage for the transition of traditional media into the digital space — or the end of corporate print-based media as we know it

Easter just got cyber-serious

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You want to go on an Easter Egg Hunt but you don’t want the hassle of getting up? Yeah — that’s lazy. Luckily for you though, you can have your Cadbury and eat it too …

Interactive Easter Egg Hunt via YouTube — but really, you can’t eat the treats

hint: check on the couch

Watch this space: Happy Easter!

From Bentleys to Burger King

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From flippin’ bricks to flippin’ tracks to flippin’ burgers … rappers are the new face of french fries — but hey, a mic is a mic

It’s like fast-forwarding to the last page of Soulja Boy’s autobiography

Father of the Year … maybe; Employee of the Month: definitely

Sometimes the hustle starts from behind the counter

Watch this space: Burger King and McDonald’s are looking like the new Death Row and Bad BoyRonald is a Boss and Hamburgular, well, let’s just say he turns beef to patties.

Kesey, get on the bus: Oh yeah!


Get on the bus kids, and don’t forget the orange juice


This pop-politics cultural pendulum was getting a bit predictable — and socialist: Obama/JFK, Woodstock/Woodstock, Rasmussen stats, etc.

Drug culture though — it’s hard to see that pendulum going back to a peaceful place — think less Merry more Barry, less Pranksters more gangsters, less Kesey more Jeezy. If anyone can make something sparkle and shine again though, it’s Hollywood.

If Hollywood can’t make drug culture sparkle and shine, California legislation can make it legal.

Watch this space: If the legalization route doesn’t work, I smell a sequel “The Electric Kool-Aid Extra Credit: ‘Hey Kesey, you boys ever been to Mexico?'”


America: Now, slightly Socialist-leaning


According to a new Rasmussen Reports survey, only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism


In related news: 44% of American adults actually know what socialism is, and 3% would like you to use it in a sentence please

Watch this space: and “Right America, Feeling Wronged” on HBO

Distriction: Wale on Tour …

Soundtrek, TK:DC

just not in DC — irony.


So worth the tickets, Wale is amazing — DC’s finest.

Watch this space: He’s on Mark Ronson‘s label — Allido … if you still need convincing after Wale, Mark Ronson, and Stevie Wonder (Allido, think about it) maybe this isn’t for you.

How Lindsay is Saving Print Media


Desperate times call for desperate measures. In an era where print media needs something — anything — to sell their stories and space, Lindsay Lohan graciously extends her freckled forearm to the fourth estate.


Ronson broke it off with her girlfriend of nearly two years last Friday, and hired five security guards to keep Lohan out of an afterparty for her sister Charlotte at the Chateau Marmont. (Lohan was staying directly one floor above the Ronsons with her mom Dina and sister Ali.)

The next day, Ronson changed the locks on the Hollywood Hills home she shared with Lohan. On Monday, Ronson’s mom and sister asked police about obtaining a restraining order against Lohan, Beverly Hills Sgt. Nutall confirms to Us.

Everything shifts down: online took over print journalism, so print journalism is taking over grocery store novels — the point is, it sells. I feel like I’ve seen something like this before … weather starting to heat up, like the tumultuous tales of Hollywood Kids … hotels, parties, johnny law, haters … breakups leading to breakdowns … leading to …


“That is one of her best characteristics,” agrees Lutfi. He turns to me. “Her big thing with me is that she doesn’t want me defending her against anything fake in the magazines. But she understands that’s the way they make their money, because it’s the way she made hers too. She really doesn’t care anymore.”

He thinks for a moment. “You know, this is so much more than a magazine article — we’ve been doing dictation, she’s been telling me her story, and I’ve been writing it all down. It would make a great book!”

A world without Britney, where she is set aside in rehab or a psychiatric center, is hard to contemplate: Seventy-five paps gather around the entrances to Britney’s gated community. These guys are jaded after all that’s happened. “Man, Britney can’t die, because then I don’t get my money!”

Making money is easy as pie: Just turn people into profitable products for the press, the predatory paparazzi, and the perusing public. It’s almost too easy. The only rule is they can’t die; you just have to make them crazy enough to make them wish they were dead — it makes for good viewing.

Britney’s tale was literally unbelievable — watchable because it was insanely car-wreckish, and reflective of the viewing public’s environment: “She’s the perfect celebrity for America in decline: Like President Bush, she just doesn’t give a fxxk, but at least we won’t have to clean up after her mess for the rest of our lives.”

Even if it doesn’t bring out the best in her, Lindsay’s breakup reflects a more socially-conscious America — silver-lining … maybe?


One where pop and politics can come together for the public good. People who would be otherwise disinterested in legislation can look to Lindsay’s woes to keep up with inside-the-beltway water-cooler talk. Perez Hilton and Pat Buchanan debating gay-marriage, I can see it now.

One thing’s for sure: crazy sells more print than Kinko’s.

For the record though, I’m banking on Cady pulling through — she broke The Plastics … The Plastics; that’s like making Thriller you can’t deny it.

Watch this space: Martyrdom is a funny thing — another one that politics and pop share. There are those political martyrs that go down for the sake of society’s souls, and there are those pop martyrs that go down for the sake of society’s entertainment — or just go down … ladies first.


When Owen Wilson was hospitalized in August after an apparent suicide attempt, his plight was the subject of a single US Weekly cover story. Not so Britney Spears, recently confined in a psychiatric ward, who has inspired six cover stories for the magazine during the same time span.

Call me Casper the Friendly Ghost-Tweeter


I could say it better myself — but not just yet

What’s the solution? These people all need professional help. But since they’re unlikely to spend the time they need on the psychiatrist’s couch, they’ll doubtless end up hiring assistants adept in social media. Ghostwritten Twitters are the hot new Hollywood must-have.

Every tweet will be media-coached. Every blog will be relentlessly edited — and then have typos inserted for authenticity. (Is that why someone pretending to be Rachael Ray consistently misspelled the cooking-show personality’s name on a Yahoo blog?) The kids who are pretending to be celebrities on Twitter today will no doubt get paid to do it in the future.

Watch this space: never underestimate the substance beneath the stylish smoke and mirrors, there’s jobs to be saved – and plenty more to be made – in this digital age …

The Re-Branding of America: See, there’s hope for the bullied kids yet …


Glenn Beck. Rising star. — no, that’s not right. Glenn Beck, rising star?! — that’s more like it.

I mean with a glam-fab head shot like that, how could he not be a rising star? Not to mention his on-screen presence …

Plus he’s been doing it for years. It hasn’t always been easy, but he had to take what Diddy calls the “Rihanna Road,” where progress is a slow process. Beck’s been nose to the grindstone forever, I suppose it is about time he see the fruits of his labor …

Not everyone can support Global Warming as the world’s biggest scam …

or stand on the same pedestal of political pre-eminence as Ann Coulter …

or make candy bars come out of their butts?

or be creepy …

all the time …

but that’s called moxy and moxy makes it to the top.

Watch this space: Especially, if you’ve never seen a star on the rise. I’ve been watching this space forever, but I liked it better when it was called Public Access Television.

Distriction: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …


… and the flurry of finger pointing a la British investigative journalism puts a possible smudge on the as-of-yet snow white reputation of the second daughter, Ashley Biden — but more so on her father, “Can-I-call-you-JoeBiden


Biden – Mr. that is – is an adamant supporter of the anti-drug campaign, specifically – you guessed it – the trafficking of cocaine from Columbia

Since becoming a senator for Delaware in 1973, Mr Biden has pushed for harder penalties for cocaine possession and trafficking and last year sponsored a new bill aimed at curbing the smuggling of Colombian cocaine into the US in submarines.

Say it ain’t so Joe! even if it is so joe, there’s worse things she could do … her last name could be Dupre

In related news: sports

British print media: 2; Young American public figures: 0
Disabled list: Michael Phelps, Ashley Biden

American print media: we lost count; British public figures: 0
Disabled list: Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, Russell Brand, etc.

Distriction: Springing back from cy-bernating slumber


This weekend welcomed the Cherry Blossom Festival, DC’s cultural introduction to Spring — and the perfect way to wake from a late winter hibernation from the digital domain.

A brief greeting after my semi-extended stint away from the blogosphere. I took some time to rest and refuel my creative reserves — similar to a bear’s hibernation for the digital age, more tech and less time.

So, I’m back now: like Bipartisanship a la Britney


babies …

Bush (W.)a la Barack

the sound of dot-com bubbles bursting …

and dot-com bubbles broadening …

Scientology a la Palin‘s people …


and those beautiful cherry blossoms.

A week (end) in review — in case you missed it

The Quarter: Title Mag


The kid’s alright … Title Magazine Editor-in-Chief Catherine Bui stopped by the Motel to let us in on her latest work:

The Quarter is a fourth of a dollar and the Fourth Estate went from promoting public opinion to profiting the private sector – but a quarter is still a fourth and it’s always a pleasant surprise to see the vanity press resurfacing. Now, the point, over at MdM a visitor sent a link to their magazine – and I had to pass it along. So, here is an introduction to Title Magazine

At it’s core, Title Magazine is an independent culture magazine on the upstart. For it’s first issue, I was blown away at the clean design, and diversity of artwork and editorials. If only I had this kind of get-up-and-go as a teenager – or a young adult at that.

Catherine Bui has her finger on the pulse. For a junior in high school this is an excellent example of how to present oneself as an asset to the cultural online media community. Title is a portfolio of visual and editorial pieces. Moreover, it displays a strong grasp of the digital sphere to produce an original online magazine of this caliber. Beyond the personal positioning though, Title is just a great publication for the culture and arts crowds.

I anticipate great things from Catherine & Co. A personal favorite within the inaugural issue was this foray into “Underexposed Photographer,” Nick Asokan‘s work.

In my day, we had school newspapers; obviously, times have changed. It’s great to see pockets of passion within the next generation of journalists and future media figures.

Title Magazine is an example of positive perpetuation: Bui’s initiative is the kind that makes you, too, want to “Follow your dream.”

Watch this space

Distriction: Ba-sham-rack O’bama


The Hill was alive with the sound of Gaelic today — and the green garb to boot — as President O’Bama welcomed his “brother from another mother” — land, Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen

It’s all fun and festive until the water is flowing from your faucet …

Green might be having the best day ever: White House fountain, Ba-sham-rack’s tie, Dow arrows, AIG Exec’s pockets, sprouting soon-to-be-Springtime grass … fitting and fresh.

Because I’m busy that’s why


Like N.E.R.D. said “It’s time for some action,” so while I’m out studying the world in 4 minutes just know I’ve got the wiings to stay fly. Schoolwork, work work, life work: only work if you work them

In between inspiration: synthetic …

and organic …

I work hard now so I won’t have to settle for situations involving Sarah later.

Though it’s still not too late for her to employ my no-fail two-step plan: magazines and manners, remember them — keep those in mind and it should be easy sailin’ for Palin. As for where that tugboat is going exactly, I’m sure I don’t know; but there’s bound to be a loyal fleet of good ol’ boats following.

Watch this space: Will discuss after I TiVo it …

photo credit: munzz

Distriction: DC HIV/AIDS Rates Surpass West Africa


Because it’s not just a third-world problem, it’s a problem on Third and Maryland Ave too

More imperative — but innately intertwined — with the “Anti-Journalism” movement is the need to debunk the (mediated) HIV/AIDS mythologies within the U.S. For example: toting Africa as the world’s AIDS haven. HIV/AIDS — like hunger, like poverty, like inadequate education — does not stop at our doorstep. The sooner we come to terms with social pandemics — and take accountability and ownership of them as our own — the sooner we can solve the problem.

As the Obama Administration aims to reconnect the U.S. with our international partners, it is key that we as Americans look – beyond politics, to people — at shared experiences between ourselves and our fellow global citizens – flaws and all.

Hopefully, this sparks an expansion initiative for the Project Red – whose brilliant campaign stimulates charity, capitalism, and consumption … all in one! The brand’s mission to “fight AIDS in Africa,” would provide worlds of support – literally – to fight the AIDS within the U.S. as well. Even a campaign to establish sub-projects — country/region specific extensions within the larger “Project Red” umbrella – would present the gravity in sheer breadth of the social crisis, but more so the solidarity behind the solution.

Watch this space

The Re-Branding of America: So much for the free Aqua Dots …


Now I’ll never get to be on Evil’s speed dial; thanks, Rachel — but, seriously, thanks

Progress is a slow process, but someone out there is reading this blog — though I didn’t think it would be a Burson-Marsteller watchdog group — an audience is an audience.

Looks like I’ll need some image consultation to get back in Burson’s good graces. So … now would be a good time to call Burson-Marsteller so I — they — can spin this post about themselves to themselves.

Tweeting Made Easy: We Follow


Per T.I.’s suggestion: “They don’t know which way to go/I’ll make it easy follow me.” Twitter launched a site rendering “I have a Twitter, but I don’t know what to do with it now that I’m there,” a thing of the past. We follow is a “user powered Twitter directory,” — a Twitter search engine, of sorts, using hashtags as keywords to find and follow fellow Tweeters of a feather.

To add yourself to the directory enable/follow @hashtags, then tweet @wefollow three 1 word tags that describe you/your twitter page (i.e. @wefollow #blogger #music #dc) … it’s just that easy!

Obviously the big tags at the mo are (in very particular order) celebrity, music, tech, news — and yes this is an apt reflection on priorities within the Twitter community.

After a winded round-the-world “Twitter is no threat to G” lecture series, Google is resting its voice and opting to Tweet instead of talk for the time being … If you can’t beat em, define yourself in three tags or less and enter the directory like everyone else …

Speaking of Twitter — which is becoming the modern day equivalent of “How’s the weather?” — I’ll make it easy … for you to follow me.

Watch this space: Old man Google’s Tweets are speaking louder than his words — for Twitter to be such a non-threat, We Follow got the leader to G Follow pretty quickly

"Anti-Journalism" 101


Journalists need the work, educators need the break, and students need the media literacy training.


Educators have been teaching students how to read and write what is printed for centuries. Now, in a time of unparalleled transition, ex-journalists are re-entering the classroom to teach students how to read what is in between the print — and in between the blurred lines of news/entertainment. News literacy is increasingly important in social and personal development – with more time being spent in front of a television or computer screen over textbooks. Where “the media” is replacing teachers, textbooks, and tutors; former media professionals are becoming teachers and tutors, explaining how to decipher through the tech-books of mainstream news/entertainment.

Some say we are drowning in information and starving for knowledge — I concur. However, initiatives like this one at Stony Brook set blueprints for a new media that aims to inform — not inundate.

Watch this space: more to come … MCPD 1000 – Music Production 2.0 (Sampling Methods)

Soundtrek, TK:DC

Kanye University is hoping to rise through the U.S. News & World Report “Liberal Arts” college rankings by introducing an entree of innovative courses over the next few semesters. The first of which — Music Production 2.0 (Sampling Methods) — takes a hands-on approach to teaching its students the art of sampling, in a way only Kan the Louis Vuitton Don could.

Using iDaft, professors literally put the power of production right in the palms of their pupils.

Students mix, mash, chop, screw, smother, scatter, and cover vocal stems from Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. The end result could be something completely — kind of — original or just a tweak of Kanye’s stab at the electro-classic.

Word around the rumor mill is that the scholar assembling the best product gets contracted for an official remix on Ye’s next album: Twelfth of Nevuary. But wait there’s more! — Because the rumor mill never stops churning — some would-slash-have say-slash-said next semester’s course will be more streamlined, some might say … Aerodynamic?

The good news is you don’t have to be enrolled in KU to take advantage of the learning tools. You too can be a Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger uberproducer — which is the rough equivalent to “half-as-good-as-Kanye-thinks-he-is” or “twice-as-good-as-people-give-him-credit-for.”

Kanye University is accepting applications for the Fall 2009 semester on a rolling deadline. So take your time, prep your portfolio, and drive slow.

Bristol Palin: Why ya buggin?!


Oh. Right. The whole “my-mom-ran-for-vice-president-and-lost-and-all-i-got-was-this-baby-and-pending-child-support” thing …

When life gives you lemons Bristol … ask, “In what respect, Charlie?” … then pass the baby to your little sister for grooming, and pre-game for the heli-hunt. By the looks of the new and improved lil’ Miss Palin — talking Pro-Choice, using logic, ending up on Keith Olbermann and not as the embodiment of evil — it might be your last hunt.

Two thumbs fresh for Bristol. Her mom may not know politics, and I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but Bristol knows Deepthroat: “Follow the money.”

Levi Johnston: Levi’s jeans and Johnson & Johnson?! oh … he’s broke. Figures, after all, Johnson & Johnson is “a family company,” while Levi is on “Federline company” kind of time — that, and Johnson doesn’t have a t.

Well, either way, I don’t know what 20% of zero is but after carrying ones and working out remainders Bristol is bound to be … on the receiving end of the stimulus package — doesn’t seem so silly now, does it?

Watch this space: Bristol might be the one to pull through … who knows she might even be able to name a magazine she reads

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Oh those pesky boys and girls … always begging to seek amy

Soundtrek, TK:DC

At long last – for those who cared, namely: multifarious persons named amyangry radio producers, myself – Britney Spears’ new video for “If U Seek Amy” dropped today …

American Beauty + Britney Spears + Pies + Kate Trask + Funhouse/Madhouse + Mad Men + Justify My Love + June Cleaver = “If U Seek Amy”

Watch This Space: ThruYOU

Soundtrek, TK:DC

Just when you thought it was safe to come out again … Kutiman killed the lights

ThruYOU is a brilliant site that takes mixtapes to the tube. YouTube + DatPiff + Grit+ Girl Talk + je ne sais quoi + Kutiman = ThruYOU.

What you are about to see is a mix of unrelated YouTube videos/clips edited together to create ThruYou. In other words — what you see is what you hear.

For instance …

Watch This Space …

The Re-Branding of America: Even the paperboy retires at some point …


Beyond the sarcasm, cynicism, and spin, past the pseudo-pretentious theory on the endless possibilities of the digital age — every new beginning is some beginning’s end.

Over the last few weeks, the newspaper industry has entered a new period of decline. The parent of the papers in Philadelphia declared bankruptcy as did the Journal Register chain. The Rocky Mountain News closed and the Seattle Post Intelligencer, owned by Hearst, will almost certainly close or only publish online. Hearst has said it will also close The San Francisco Chronicle if it cannot make massive cuts at the paper. The most recent rumor is that the company will fire half of the editorial staff. That action still may not be enough to make the property profitable.

The Re-Branding of America: Mr. Twitter goes a-courtin’


“@twittybird ugh so bored. in the #jury assembly. taking 4. e. ver. free lunch can’t complain. keep u postd soon. pics: http://tinyurl …”

yes. twitter in the courtroom.

@TruTV. Sentencing in 140 Characters or less. Verdict via TwitterBerry … it could happen

The British Sublet: Stem Cell Bans and Bands Selling Stems

Soundtrek, TK:DC

Again with the British-American tandem … Spring theme-du-jour: stems. While an American politician lifts the federal funding ban on stem cell research — to build a legion of South Park-esque Supermen no doubt — a British pop powerhouse builds a legion of super-producers. Thanks to stems you can be a superhero and a super producer … all in one!

On our coast this weekend, Barack Obama planned a much needed lift on the stem-cell research federal funding ban — per Peter Griffin’s inquiry of “Why aren’t we funding this?!” no doubt.

On the other side of the pond, lil’ Miss Lily Rose lifted the Oz/ProTools curtain and tucked an 80-track surprise in each hard copy and iTunes version of her album “It’s Not Me It’s You.” Anyone who uploads their legal copy of the album gets each track stem from the release.

I finally mustered up the civility to get my hands on a hard copy of INMIY – solely because of the stems – and it was worth every penny. Now, I’m finding it hard to break away from remixing Everyone’s At It, revamping the drums on Chinese, or seeing how Back to the Start would sound if I dropped the vocoder. But the fun doesn’t end with vanity listening sessions amongst you and your closest pal, remixers are encouraged to upload their exclusives for peer and label review … so get on the 1s & 2s, start scratching away, and you’ll be a Hollywood Kid in no time!

Stems are this girl’s new best friend.

Oh, and it’s not a British Invasion this time … it’s more of a sublet until things get back to normal

Watch this space

Solar Senate Passes Daylight Saving Stimulus Package


A friendly reminder to Spring Forward … into yet another bailout — even the Sun is starting to feel the heat of the recession

Global Warming is bad enough for the Sun’s image, but not even the central orb has enough starpower to escape the recession. It’s cashing in on over 300 million American taxpayer hours to make up for the Fiscal Year 2009 Q1 losses, and to try and salvage what’s left of the FY09 Q2.

The Sun isn’t a rookie in the bailout game. In fact the Sun has gotten an annual bailout — equivalent to one hour per American resident — every year since 1918. However, the Sun manages to maintain decent credit by paying down the loan to cover American daylight consumption through the crucial Q1 of the Fiscal Year, and most of Q2.

How much longer can Americans continue this give-and-take permaloan solar situation? It’s not too clear, but rest assured you’ll feel better about the bailout — or find a way to rationalize it — in the near future. Sources say the Sun just scheduled a week-long detox/rejuventation/reinvention makeover at Salon du Burson-Marsteller — they’re on solar speed dial for situations like this.

In related news: Clocks, too, are feeling the bailout backlash from the Daylight Saving Stimulus Package; sources indicate they’ve added Kearns and Company to their list of PR representation as well.

I’m coming home again …

Soundtrek, TK:DC

Spring Break! Second semester senior year of undergrad — it breaks even. I’m headed home to pull a Sherman on Atlanta, then back here to pull an Obama on DC — it breaks even. Either way: I’m coming home again …

… ming home again

yes, i know. you can’t “come home again” as they say. but i’m not they — so, naturally, i can.

touch bases again after I touch down … til then: be good. be well.

Kathie Lee: Because Oklahoma is spelled A-F-R-I-C-A … the silent A threw me off


Pretense: Keep in mind it’s March, Kathie Lee can’t be expected to know about Africa matters beyond February — it’s called being fair. As far as Hoda’s birthplace, just be happy Kathie Lee pronounced Kotb’s name right. That said …

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “ Hoda, Kathie Lee on Africa…“, posted with vodpod


Hoda and Kathie Lee: From the Sphinx to the Champs-Élysées. It’s like Oprah and Gayle tripping across the country — but more Kesey, less cornrows, more GPS, less coherence, more lost in translation, and much more kevlar — or not at all like Oprah and Gayle’s roadtrip…

Too early for questions? "Let me Google that for you"


No pretense needed here, it’s self-explanatory — but if not, feel free to let me Google that for you … Okay, some sarcastic pretense

How did this come about and why? you ask. I can’t say I kno– oh, figures, them. No wonder everyone’s all paranoid about Twitter, they’re like what the intranet library database was to the Dewey Decmial System.

I bet Google nightmares in 140 characters or less… Watch this space, Google and traditional media loyalists (not the Tweeting sellouts) might get “Godfather” on Twitter — then who’s calling Burson

Watch this space

Distriction: March 6th at the Smithsonian


So the Smithsonian is free. Spring is coming. Southerners prefer crunk, but if you’re in the District it’s about high time to get some culture in your system.

I’ll be leaving DC for a quick stint, but worry not there will be plenty of other Districtions to keep you engaged … and enlightened

I suggest seeing the “Road to Freedom” Civil Rights Movement Photograph Exhibit this weekend at the Ripley Center before it closes on Monday … great pieces and quite timely — two thumbs fresh.

And yes, perusing art galleries is a great way to make you feel clever …

Watch this space: it’s about to March Off Washington

Mr. Pitt Goes to Washington


Another day, another Brit — BRad pITt, that is. From Anglophilia to Branglophilia — yeah that was a reach … Either way, more pop, more politics, more PR, more Brits …

Nancy Pelosi might be having the Best Year Ev– oh, wait … this just in … Nancy Pelosi just gave another standing ovation: this time, Barack said “I believe the children are our future” at the Sidwell Friends PTA Meeting.

Watch this space

The Re-Branding of America: PR and Politics — in a nutshell


“When evil needs public relations, evil has Burson-Marsteller on speed dial …”

When your cat died: curiosity called Burson-Marsteller; when Baja Men made a scene about dogs running rampant: “who” called Burson-Marsteller; when The Beatles broke up: Yoko Ono called Burson-Marsteller; when you didn’t get an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas ’93: Santa called Burson-Marsteller; when NYU rejected you: the SATs called Burson-Marsteller; when you couldn’t make that job interview: the malfunctioning Red Line train to Glenmont called Burson-Marsteller; when Jack died and “let go”: the North Atlantic called Burson-Marsteller; when Michael Phelps lost Kellogg’s: the bong called Burson-Marsteller …

Watch this space

The Re-Branding of America: Flack is the new Black


See, now who’s looking silly for switching from Journalism to Public Communications? I should go on whims more often …

It took an economic crisis to give flacks the edge … I’ll take what I can get.

Flacks thrive on behind-the-scenes, but let’s face it … everyone wants their 15

Watch this space: and the classifieds