Quick and Dirty: Pre-VMA 2012 #andanotherthing


This year has been quite a year… Diesel like 90s WWF Denim – needless to say the VMA have been millions of miles away from my spectral proximity: that said, it’s in my blood… no matter how few nominees I know, no matter how irrelevant the proceedings, no matter how cruxed upon pop cultural cannibalism – a festival of juggernauted feasting upon the legends and legacy of old – I will always have an opinion, and the VMA will always have a story and a place in contemporary culture. Though I know a record low number of nominees this year – and hold an even more subterranean affinity, or regard at all, for the nominees of which I do have some cognizance – this year is epic and masterful for so many subtle reasons: the first and last, the alpha and omega of which revolve around this year’s pulse player – The Bajan Queen of Body Parts: Rihanna.

VMA are obviously critical this year though… I’d wager to guess the biggest point is the revisitation of 2007. #neverforget

Unofficial Best of London’s LoveBox 2012 Festival – Sunday Set

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Historically, music festivals like Woodstock and Glastonbury were created to celebrate idealism (one ‘ism that we agree is worth buying into). Lovebox is no different. Add to this idealism the inclusiveness that you find on the best dancefloors and the diversity you find on our capital’s streets and you have the beginnings of a manifesto for a world-class festival in a world-class city.

Ten years old Lovebox has grown up quickly to become the biggest party on East London’s summer calendar and with every year it takes another step forward.

Sunday is a freewheeling, groundbreaking, no-holds-barred party, pulling together elements of the fiercest all-night parties, ballrooms, gay discos, supper clubs, cabarets and bingo-halls and mixing it with recycled couture, the hottest emergent artists and, of course, outrageous acts to create a totally unique hedonistic all-dayer which is most definitely Out & Out Fierce…

Out and Out … and out, and out, and out #ofcontrol

TrapperKeeper: MDNA, Boyfriends, Girlfriends, Best Friends, and Revelations


Wonderful Monday on our hands. Sun is shining and a brand-spanking-new addition to the Pop family has graced us with its bouncing beautiful baby presence.

As I’m still coming to terms with my equally brand new bouncing baby quarterlife crisis (Aside: leave it to Madonna to wait four years to release an album, that upon completing the first full listen, one realizes IT’S BEEN FOUR YEARS. Leaving subsequent questions such as: “What have I done the past four years?” “What has Timbaland done in the past four years?” “We have Healthcare reform, we’re out of Iraq, bin Laden and Gaddafi are no more, and people are looking to Gingrich?!” “What is a Lady GaGa?” “Did I leave the front door open?” All coalescing to the inevitable answer: “I’m old.”) I’ve decided to put together a quick trip down Memory Lane this Monday (no, the other one, after the left at Drury Road – sorted) compliments of MDNA #biologicalpopbuildingblocks

TrapperKeeper: We the Fortunate Sons…


Some folks are born made to wave the flag
Ooh, they’re red, white and blue
And when the band plays “Hail to the chief”
Ooh, they point the cannon at you
Lord, it ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no senator’s son
Son, it ain’t me, it ain’t me; I ain’t no fortunate one, no

Vinyl Cut Prose: “Beautiful (Inside Out)” Britney Spears x Alexxx (Mash-Up)

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Pop is pastiche at its finest; sometimes you need nothing more than to collect the right pieces and be the sound canvas. Half of Pop is creating the story, the other half is capturing the stars in that momentary align when the stories converge to recognize themselves…

#mindvomit The antidote, the venom, the anti-Inside Out… the cause and cure… remove the death and danger by facing the cobra head on… when what you see what you lack, and selfish love goes back to black… it takes but a mere glance in the shattered glass to change one back… Britney manifest here by manipulation – seemingly for the first time ever, for her own good – to see her fragmented self as wholly true and entirely blue… tiful

Sittin in the mirror gettin’ pretty… when the fairest of them all met the most fatally feminine fall…


ADMIAS: “Lindsay Lohan” – A Richard Philips Film


Set to a fuzzed-out shoegaze background, the video shows Lohan emerging from a pool of water set against an expanse of ocean. She stares into the camera, the apparent symbolism emphasizing her rebirth and victory over those nasty drug and theft problems. Crashing waves and a fade out of Lohan’s face bring it all home. –Kyle Chaka, Hyperallergic

 A journey soon begins its prize reflected in another’s eyes;

BlinkkBeats: Beth Ditto – “I Wrote The Book”

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Beth Ditto is why you don’t teach girls how to read or write – because they rhythmically hold it against you when you lie about who you were with last night.

You break it off, I’ll break you down
The world is full of good intentions
Paradise is full of lies
Tell you they love you but fail to mention
Who they were with again last night


Education isn’t only the motivation: it’s contagious locomotion; catchier than phonic rocks – Ditto’s book hooks. Shakers, stark swelter, MIDI percussion, vengeance verve, dark disco structured splash, heavy early-mid nineties R&B synth carbon beats, fixed reverb, cold heat, black-and-white sonic aesthetics juxtaposed static layers and fluid forms bury the night.

BlinkkBeats: “Inside Out,” Britney Spears

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Somewhere in the middle of Britney Spears’ “most mature and upbeat album yet,” rests the soul comfortably nestled on the album sleeve; “Inside Out,” slated to be the third single, is Femme Fatale‘s unsettlingly brilliant black sheep. Britney… Britney, Britney… – Britney: No one can properly execute your sonic psyche better than you… Opus: Magnumed.

Dr. Luke becomes an aural Darren Aronofsky, producing a sonic landscape where Britney’s voice lingers as the pneuma in a world of perpetual descent, digital raindrops fall between heavy bass and dark ambient sounds… in Spears’ world since celebrity, all she has known is a world flipped upside-down… a life lived inside-out.


A bad romance – heavily damaged but never quite done – between three… it’s a haunting aural love triangle between she, he, and the omnipresent voyeuristic we…

BlinkkIt: Grammy 2011 Performances

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Said it before, I’ll say it again #whawhawhawhatdidyousay #yourebreakinuponme in case you’re worried about Pop in 2011: #dontbe

The Grammys, if nothing else, were a top notch Pop production – a beautiful stage show presenting what will be the subsequent year in industry music #whatelseisthere This year was a collaboration of the most notable in recent years – good or bad #thegrammysarenotacheesesandwich – the event brought together a realm of musicians from heavyweights to new bloods and Country crooners to West Coast crypt-walkers… all for the love of Pop #orsomethingtothateffect The performances gave a splendid snapshot of the industry’s landscape, and reflected perfectly the identity of the respective artist on stage – Justin Bieber included… so without further ado, let’s delve into GrammyView

GaGa… oh GaGa #andAGAIN A performance stripped down, stark, and raw as a newborn; explosive, soulful, and synthesized like the new human condition; and with a pure concerted energy to fuel the next era in Pop. #bornthisway: Smoke-and-mirrors stripped – abs ripped #luccarlsdrunkdietworksforshe GaGa: because Pop just got an organ donor… because the misconception is that it was an egg, because the assumption is that – like Post-Reagan urban culture, like premature emergence – crack kills… but this isn’t an egg – it’s an incubator… and in this space the artist and era remain unbreakable.

Bruno Mars, B.o.B., Janelle Monaemiseducated miscreants of the most masterful and musically marvelous kind… #followyourblisstothisfunk

BlinkkIt: Grammy Week 2011 – Best New Artist


Grammy Noms: the sweetest thing this side of Nana’s cookie jar #popnom. A nibble is all you need, so let’s blinkk the besties #getitgramms

Best New Artist

“Who are the five best new artists of All-Time 2011? Think about it:” Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron, Gil Scott-Heron #becauseIMnewhere #becauseispithotfire

Grammys 2011 Best New Artist: because Gil Scott could use a sixth man #iguess


What are the odds?

BlinkkIt: Grammy Week 2011 – Best Pop Vocal Album

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Grammy Noms: the sweetest thing this side of Nana’s cookie jar #popnom. A nibble is all you need, so let’s blinkk the besties #getitgramms

Best Pop Vocal Album

My World. 2.0  Justin Bieber

I Dreamed A Dream Susan Boyle

The Fame Monster Lady Gaga

Battle Studies John Mayer

Teenage Dream Katy Perry


This year’s nominees for Best Pop Vocal Album are a nice cross-section of the general populous… we’ve got androgynous sixteen-year-old Canadians, Middle-Aged British women, guitar-plucking playboys, fruity pin-up California gurls, and a monster whose own greatest demon is disinterest.

Best Pop Vocal Album 2011: because welcome to the Bad Girls Club Season 7 #spoiler #dontyouwishyoucouldrollwithus


BlinkkBeats: “Look at Me Now” ft. Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Wayne – Chris Brown

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Chris Brown may have 20/20 vision, but shineblocker logic seems to keep slipping past his periphery… I don’t see how you gon’ hate from outside the club – you can’t even get in?

I get what you get in 10 years, in two days
Ladies love me, I’m on my cool J
If you get what I get what would you say
She wax it all off, Mr Miyagi
And them suicide doors, Hari Kari

Well, one thing’s for sure… two days worth of the boy’s self-esteem is enough to serve the whole community for the next ten years. Eye see you, your Flipmode squad, and your lil’ tune chi too…

Diplohmy word – pause what you heard – Mr. Brown is back in Afrojack… and them suicide doors? Hari Kari. Wax off the samurai sword, Chris Far East cruises through this track with Busta, and Wayne in tow. The trifecta flow three-the-hard way through Diplo & Afrojack’s neo-oriental killer coi beatquake.

BlinkkBeats: Britney Spears – “Femme Fatale” Album Cover

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Okay breath, unbate yourself – it’s safe to come out now; Britney unveiled the title and cover for her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale. (Source: #justthislittlethingcalledtwitter) So… you can go ahead and exhale that sigh of (unsubstantiated) disbelief relief now


BlinkkBeats: Britney Spears x Rick Ross – BMF (Hold it Against Rozay Mash-Up)

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Water cooler tip of the day: Complex Magazine posted an article about Lady GaGa’s adolescent cocaine use #becauseitissonews #becauseyoucare #becausenewswasbornthiswaybaby


You know what would be fun? If somewhere in the Deep South “Miss American Dream Since She Was Seventeen” was recording Maybach Music, riding shotgun with Ricky Ross, redefining what it means to be a BMFn white girl… if only to remind you that, from the Kentwood Police Department to Kevin’s apartment: Britney Jean’s Been Murkin’ Feds… well, if you find Ms. Spears on leave guarding the Keys with Rick in Miami – you can hold it against GE: this mash-up had to happen #greateeclecticsighsyourewelcome

This might just be the hardest, coldest, hottest, street Urban-Junglegum Pop in existence… this is the darkest alley, and the whitest picket in the fence… it’s Teflon Don, and it’s Tupperware Amy… it’s black magic, fam.

DOWNLOAD: Britney Spears x Rick Ross – “BMF (‘Hold It Against Rozay’ Remix)”

BlinkkBeats: Parade – “Louder”

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Transatlantic treats on Parade this humpday – literally! A one Mister Brolley Genster dropped this spicy-in-a-safe-way (read: passable, but seems to still be missing the Ginger) English Muffin on my virtual doorstep this morning.

Meet Parade: the latest set of girls allowed entrance into the realm of Euro-sugarbaby pop melody makers – delve

Beautiful, Dirty, Wi-Fi: YouTube/MySpace Celebrity Playlist

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The YouTube/MySpace Star of the 2000s: ringtone rappers, polyphonic popsters, internet indie rockers, and hard-driven hipsters… you basement dwelling vlogophiles are the most beautiful dirty richest of all.

We do the dance right; we have got it made like ice cream topped with honey – but we got no money…

You do the dance right (to the bank), you’ve got it made like ice cream topped with honey (or just iced-out chains), but you got no money (debatable). To the handful of you who are making something out of nothing and generating wealth riches from webcam stardom: kudos – this playlist is for you

Soulja Boy – Superman that HEAUX OH! (The “Won’t Someone Please Think of The Children?!” Remix)

BlinkkBeats: B.o.B – “A Change is Gonna Come” ft. Asher Roth & Charles Hamilton

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This MLK Music Monday we snap back to 2008, when a deferred dream came to fruition: Barack Obama stood at the helm of the Mall, turning a historic page in our American tale, continuing the march from Washington as the leader of the known world. Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum, in the shadows of “urban culture” typecasting and turmoil, three hip-hop newcomers came together and laid down that same vintage vision on vinyl. B.o.B, Asher Roth, and Charles Hamilton reminded us once again that though it may be a long time coming… a change is forever imminent – and today, it is clear and present.

“Change is eminent I evolve so it’s nothing; what’s the discussion?”

Prisoner to my cerebellum so I reach out to the listeners,
and my mission is I better tell’ em:
Our fear of a free mind is here, and your spirit can die
And anytime you need to cry, so you hide it deep inside
Reason why, how can you change what was written
Easy, don’t focus your brain on what they mentioned
I got so used to tryin’ to make due
I feel like I’m cheatin’ when I’m faced with a breakthrough

Dime Dailies: Ke$ha – “Sleazy” (Remix) ft. Andre 3000

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2011 keeps getting better with each passing play… off the heels of Ophiuchus comes the tale of two outkasts, as Andre 3000 joins Ke$ha on her bombastic “Sleazy” remix. Sit back and listen to the sounds of Southern scorch – nom: sonic Jambalaya.

Sleazy” was a Cannibal standout, coming in after “We R Who We R,” the title track, and “Blow” as the Apopcalyptic album’s fourth horseman track. Bangladesh brought a true urban feel to “Sleazy,” blending Cannibal‘s Drum N Bass sound with his signature bonafide street tone. Ke$ha enlists on Daddy Fat Stacks himself for the remix to harness that tone and bless her throne. The duo bring a Rhett and Scarlett back-and-forth to the track, with their tangy smooth Southern flow over cold 808 drums and dense jungle bass. It’s a remix, not for the sake of a quick hit, but because this New South needs a pop anthem. The “Sleazy” remix perfectly blends Ke$ha’s Nashville twang with Andre 3000’s Sweet Georgia Brown timbre – these stars drop bars.

This crazy lady named Kesha is guessing my Mercedes
Would be all new and through through, but its the 1980′s
But now that we are cool cool, she sippin’ Irish Baileys
She say “Stacks, you’re true blue?”
I said “Nah, I’m Navy”
I call her Kesha, she like it, because it’s hood to her
She call me Andre 6000 cause I’m good to her

All of the Lights: Miley Cyrus & Rick Ross – Cop Lights

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Turn up the lights in here, baby / extra bright, I want y’all to see this  / turn up the lights in here, baby / you know what I need, want you to see everything / want you to see all of the lights – Kanye West, “All of the Lights”


Miley Cyrus and Rick Ross were our patriots on patrol this year. Living the high life where MiCy met Miami, these two lit up the Pop scape with the red, white, and blue hues of stars, bars, strips, whips, chains, gangs, and the incessant inability of ever being tamed. He was the Teflon Don: gun dirty, brick clean; she hung on a pole and a prayer: the jailbait-in-waiting, craving to be scene.

All of the Lights: Willow Smith & Far East Movement – Flashlights

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Turn up the lights in here, baby / extra bright, I want y’all to see this  / turn up the lights in here, baby / you know what I need, want you to see everything / want you to see all of the lights – Kanye West, “All of the Lights”

Willow Smith and Far East Movement whipped across the globe this year like junior jetsetters; their infectious electro-pop sounds emerged from obscurity and hit ubiquity at the speed of light, they broke records beyond the speed of sound with a sonic boom that resonated across the planet. The free-wired high-flyers captured the world in a state of infinite liftoff; illuminating the world like it was their runway, Smith and FEM lit up the skies like flashlights over an airstrip.

All of the Lights: Ke$ha & Eminem – The Bic

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Turn up the lights in here, baby / extra bright, I want y’all to see this  / turn up the lights in here, baby / you know what I need, want you to see everything / want you to see all of the lights – Kanye West, “All of the Lights”

Amidst the darkened sky of endless pop, visibly void of any specific stars; Ke$ha and Eminem emerged as groundskeepers sparking the scene from the floor – lighters up. This year we saw a party animal, a rehabilitated recovery, and a cultural cannibal unleashed; and behind the music we saw kindred kindling ignited, revealing both sides of the Bic: the disposable house-party-fueling flicker, and the timeless stadium torch.

This year Ke$ha served the purpose of the former, sparking the fire that fueled the gutter-grime-glitter sound lingering across basements and American airwaves like a tobacco smoky haze over the backseat of a golden Trans-Am. She opened the year with “Tik-Tok” and, by default of its January 1 release date, started the proverbial pop party with her entrance. Ke$ha was that frathouse staple – ready to spark the camel, willing to blaze the j, and able to pop the top off a Pabst at a seconds notice. She was the music that set the mood, the tunes that kept the backyard bacchanals alive, and – much like that flick-happy Bic with a flame as disposable as the fueled fun – she was out by the dawn, right before your parents get home. The Southern truckette raised Hell with tales of rogue revelry at rich kids’ parties, and was the exalted embodiment of too-drunk-to-function-but-lit-enough-to-keep-gunnin’.

All of the Lights: Taylor Swift & Usher – Flood Lights

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Turn up the lights in here, baby / extra bright, I want y’all to see this  / turn up the lights in here, baby / you know what I need, want you to see everything / want you to see all of the lights – Kanye West, “All of the Lights”


This year Taylor Swift and Usher flooded the nation in fluorescence. She spoke now, well after the deafening sounds of Swiftgate settled to a dull roar. He saturated the market in music, void of a message, but with a ubiquitous mask so clean it bordered translucence. They were so bright, so white, so everywhere, so endlessly empty, and yet so inescapably enveloping. Mainstream music’s absence of creativity opened the doors for an influx of sheer commerce, and this year panoramic sterility sold.

This is America, we love our flood lights – so bright and unyielding, so integral to the world of endless recreation of the most mind-numbing, so fundamental to the 24/7 push of profitable play – night games. These aren’t streetlights that keep stickball games going past the dusk on a Brooklyn block… these are those overhead satellites keeping NASCAR motorcades roving around in circles ad naseum at primetime for ad revenue. Swift and Raymond are those forces bleaching the scene, sweetening the mean, and softening the screams of midnight melody makers whose cathartic cries were held at bay during the day.

TrapperKeeper – Best of 2010: Lazerproof

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Oh, hai “that time of year again,” didn’t hear you come in – well, have a seat and make yourself comfortable. I’m not spectacular at year-end reviews… I prefer life like I prefer my albums: gapless. That said, I hat-tipped six artists, songs, and albums that made me pause and take time to jot the time and place – year included – over the last 300-someodd days; and six creations that embodied and encapsulated sonic aesthetic for 2010. Why six? Why not? To the six I take, to have and to hold; forever like a TrapperKeeper, Pop safe in the fold. #enjoi

For the second round, I invite you to indulge in citric sonic splendor, to dwell in dollhouse dubstep divinity… welcome to the truth

“I’m Not Your Lemonade (Heroes and Villains Mix)” – Lazerproof Major Lazer x La Roux

Major Lazer and La Roux is a match made in dubstep heaven… let the angels rejoice and the devils stomp to dub beats. The mixtape features samples that trot the globe: hopping from Houstatlantavegas, touching down in Toronto, finagling in Finland, trapping in Atlanta, and finding diamonds in the roughest places everywhere in between. The result is a perfect collective summer anthem fit for any system. Remember where you first heard the intoxicatingly visceral vibes, as they will no doubt be heard on dashboards and dancefloors all over until the world goes tone deaf.

#mytwocents: This was a cultural convergence and sonic cacophony of the highest kind – the bonfire around which the future tribes of music will dance: this is the kindling.

TrapperKeeper: “Never Give Up On the Good Times,” Spice Girls

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Tuesday means it’s time for a two-cent tangent. Granted it’s New Music Tuesday, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic… besides, what’s old is new. Nothing says fresh and familiar like a TrapperKeeper – whether keeping the trap under control, or keeping daily assignments and doodles within the fold – one thing kidults could always count on to keep the world right was the TrapperKeeper. Then something happened, middle school was over and it was fast-forward to high school – higher education via the high life… kind of like childhood – all fun and games until graduation… kind of like adulthood… all fun and games until you kill yourself to make a living… kind of like life – all fun and games until the world says, “Man, you play too much.”

What happened?  

We got too cool. Somewhere along the lines we bit our tongues… somewhere down the road we forgot ourselves, and the fact that while silence is golden – shouting is fun. So there you have it… just another two cents on any given Tuesday – but for all of you little 21st Century Victor and Veruca Salts, quietly pleading for the simpler, but somehow far more spectacular, days long gone… a song to answer the question of, “So, this is what we wanted when we wanted it now; well, now that we’ve got it – the question is: how?”

Before our Lost Generation pledged allegiance to “Live Fast, Die Young,” we dwelled in splendid isolation across the sonic pond in a land of “What Death? Live Fun.”


Your Timeline, My Turntable: October 27, 2010

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Twitter: because you don’t find music, music finds you #followon

The Strokes – “Last Night” (via @aurosan – #ohyestheydid)

Meet the Gerber Generation: because we’ve given up on this situation


Say hello to the Gerber Generation…

They have some big news to share: the nutrition children get in their first five years can affect their health – forever; think about that. Together, we can help create a healthier generation, and it all starts – with you: welcome to the Gerber Generation.

read: meet the Gerber Generation – because we’ve already given up on Gen Y #jurystilloutonjenwoww

The nutrition a child gets in the first five years can affect their health – forever; think about that

Together we can help create a healthier generation, and it all starts – with you

Watch this space: babyface #elfuturoestaaqui

Normal in New York: Duane Reade, now Kitchenware-Classy


You know what’s normal in New York: keeping it real in the middle of a recession. Duane Reade isn’t Bergdorf-Goodman, it isn’t Walgreen’s; it is aware that you already know the state of the economy if you’re at Duane-Reade shopping for utensils, cups, and general kitchenware – so might as well have fun with it #miserylovescompany #mockerylovescommerce

Flexible Straws: Suck it up New York

read: “Flexible Straws: more flexible than the adjustable mortgage rate that brought you here” – because you just had to have that new set of cabinets in 2007 #suckitup

Dough Boi Fresh: Ben Carson – “Melodic Monster”

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This installment of Dime Dailies finds itself resting in the progressively nostalgic nook of Nouveau Music, as we listen to the monstrous melodies of Ben Carson:

Ben Carson is a musician, writer, rock n rolla, day dreamer and sweet talker rolled into one human being. Ever since discovering the guitar, his eyes were opened to the alternative world that would rule the rest of his life. Drawn into the world of teen angst and crunching guitar riffs, there has been nothing more interesting than the world of rock.

Carson’s debut EP rolls through this crisp Fall Manhattan Sunday afternoon like a much-welcomed, warm, and hazy Georgia breeze. The six-track sampler tastes a bit like beer-battered Ben and Jerry’s – hops and heartbreak – one part lover and one part lush: all parts rock, and rhythmic southern soul.

Ad Attack: Diplo x Blackberry – Torches of Freedom


Riding tandem with the unveiling of their Playbook tablet, RIM launched their newest Blackberry Torch ad campaign featuring one half of Major Lazer, and M.I.A.’s former better half, Mr. Diplo – all to the feisty sounds of his furious fingers; Feist – I Feel It All (Diplo Remix) because Diplo remixes how you all feel it.

The Torch: past and present

SHOWStudio: The Fashion Body – Left Eye (Nick Knight x Lady GaGa)


In case you were wondering whatever came of this futuristically-fly in a when-Judy-Jetson-joined-The-Incredibles kind-of-way get-up… 


Watch this space: Where we once watched Sir Atlas shrugged, we now get a glimpse at the life of Lady Atlantis shuttered – from the all-seeing eye of the micro-chipped shoulder. The voyeur has become the exhibitionist – #nowwatchme

We Are… 90210 #happyholidays

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Why look anywhere else than Vanity Fair for the encapsulation of all things braggadocio-on-bazaar (yes, including you Harper’s) on the most spectacular of all days? Happy 90210: it’s a celebration. Today the world is a crystal ball of fame: past, present, and post-apocalyptic – nothing screams Hollywood Kid like Lindsay “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Lohan



in a state full of stars, a wish only is a shot away from reality

And when she first moved to L.A., Lohan says, “it was very go-go-go and I had a lot of responsibility; and I think just the second I didn’t have [structure] anymore—I was 18, 19—with a ton of money and no one really here to tell me that I couldn’t do certain things … And I see where that’s gotten me now, and I don’t like it.” She says tabloids were her main source of news, and calls that “really scary and sad… I would look up to those girls… the Britneys and whatever. And I would be like, I want to be like that.”

but be careful what you wish for…

… because you just might get it #getit?

DimeLines: Monster Minaj

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This summer heat is beasting the streets, but is nothing compared to the fire-breathing dragons below… g.o.o.d. Friday means monstrous Monday – to say the very least

DimeLine: “First things first: I’ll eat ya brains; then Imma start rockin’ gold teeth and fangs…”


vampire grillz: official monster gear

#mytwocents: Paws Up for Pink Fridays – #mixtapesthatneedtohappenstatum

Follow Friday: A Tale of Two TwitPics


We are on the brink of a sea change – the Post-Apopcalypse is upon us…

Out with the old

… in with the new

#mytwocents: This is big. This is massive. This is the changing of the guard. Britney Spears, reigning zeitgeist from 2000-2008, about to lose the top spot on Twitter to Lady GaGa. This is like Bad Romance leapfrogging Circus on TRL: #itslikethat. Just as the Pop cultural barometer du jour last decade was the illustriously dubious TRL, so this decade it has become Twitter. Britney was the indisputable Queen of Total Request Live, but just as the show retired – so must she. Kids nowadays need something for an attention span that can’t – hey look a butterfly! What? Oh, right; they need someone who’s crazy – but in a “way existentialist” way, not an “okay, so maybe I was strapped to a gurney once” way. Back then: kids needed a whole day to decide who to vote for 38 times on the way home from school, just in time to see the results on television at said home 10 minutes later. Now: kids love, hate, envy, loathe, approve, tolerate, and swear allegiance to their favorite celebrity in 10 minutes – television just can’t keep up with that – but just like Droid does, Twitter can. The revolution will not be televised, but the evolution will be digitized: enter Twitter – the crowds have spoken: #papapaparazzi

Dime Dailies: Boo-urns


Abstract Thursday thoughts on Burns, Smithers, Moleman, and the everyman…

#twocents: great, great piece of cinematography – capturing cinematic critique, no less… really delves into the exhibitionist’s thought process, as he becomes one of the many voyeurs… where is the line between congratulations and condemnation? is there a line? is burns the hybrid between the two? “boo-urns:” think about it – think harder. so, now which man has all that power? #wayexistentialist

Unforgettable, Vol. 19: Britney Spears – Blackout

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2007 climaxed the greatest American tale since The Civil War, and Britney Spears’ Blackout was our living soundtrack. Just as Spears was our brown-eyed girl of misfortune, Blackout is the requiem of our American Dream. Britney was an ideal created in our own image. Our image, our perception of our self worth, in the past decade was dependent upon fame and projected status. Then, more than ever, our identities were aligned with iconographies: Britney was our Miss American Dream, and in 2007 we saw her strip away her white gown.

At our darkest hour, our brightest supernova wanted nothing more than to go that extra mile for us. We created a monster mistress, a pop iconography reflecting our wildest and greatest desires – embodying our most visceral conquests. She was the broken kingdom, and on behalf of her mortal peers she sacrificed herself for our entertainment. She was our gladiator and our samurai on a kamikaze mission to kill the very same system which produced her. Even with her back against the wall she was our central focus, how something so perfect could be so not – and how such reckless power could destroy our most divine wind. We watched her spiral through insanity, as cameras flashed her dancing deliriously to music only she could hear. Even though we led her to this position of mania, she gave us permission to send her on a suicide mission: before the flashing lights, she was to touch the sky and nosedive in a sacrificial spectacle fit for a fallen empire. She gave more when she had nothing to give, because we asked for it – because the same guys who told us that she was the most valuable dream, told her that her value relied on our affirmation; she Merrill Lynched our Pop selves. Her punishment was her penance, and as much hers as it is ours. The opening is the standing reminder that even after she fades, the irremovable, unstoppable, perpetuating danja remains.

Dime Dailies: Miscommunication 2.0 – Facebook Chat


Back in my day we had intonation, inflection, insight; back in my day we had conversations. Nowadays, half of my conversations online are spent figuring out the sentiment behind the semantics of with whomever it is I’m having a “conversation.” Miscommunication leads to complication: feelings getting hurt, makeshift yelling (read: kanye caps), cryptic and overzealous emoticons (read: iHieroglyphics), acute bipolar disorder (read: a combination of all said “emotions” within a 3-5 minute span bookended with all lowercase tone sprinkled with passive-aggression). Hyperbole you say? Nay, gander and gaze:

Just a ponderance and point of note to developers, designers, linguistic engineers: next time you’re brainstorming genius ideas, throw around emotive text… something catchy like “Emotifont” (from the makers of “The Caps Lock Button: Your Bullhorn to the Webworld.”) #justsayin

Watch this space: People aren’t apathetic, nor are they monotone (well, no one worth talking to anyway), nor were we geared to interact with said delivery of messages in a conversational tone; with text maintaining primary means of immediate communication, I’m going to need more than a few astrices, exclamation points, parenthesis, and a caps lock button to convey what I’m trying to say. Of course, I could minimize my sarcasm so that intonation and snark don’t bar conversation… nah.

Dime Dailies: ACE’s Wild – Subway Scenes June 15


I don’t know about the 2, but I can vouch and say that, whenever the subway shuffles and deals, ACE is always wild… today was a bit mild – but still

Why Mrs. Taylor! What red eyes you have… looks like someone’s been seeing Brooklyn from the eyes of a native – Absolutly. If there’s one thing the third, all-seeing, eye never loses sight of, it’s fashion: work it, corporate June Cleaver.

Not sick yet? Then you haven’t been watching the World Cup…

there, that’s more like it – the buzz so contagious you can see it

… that’s not the subway either, that’s the vuvuzela – now, you might be sick. In which case, you might just be this guy

Everything I Need to Tweet I Learned on Television: Chappelle’s Trading Spouses


As the old saying (read: book title) says “Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten,” well as the new saying goes “Everything I Need to Tweet I Learned on TV” (because if it isn’t worth tweeting about, it isn’t worth knowing; and who needs school when you’ve got Google – from socializing to social studies: Google’s got it!).

Judging by Twitter last night the revolution may not be televised, but social evolution is; when it comes to race relations in 2010, Dave Chappelle is the modern Magellan.

If tweets were transcripts…

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Dime Dailies: Digital Branding 101 – Gospel According to GaGa


In an interview aside, Lady Gaga talked about why she “likes Twitter and the Internet so much” (because I’m really good at it, you can be too – and this is The Fame).  If anyone – individual, corporate, person, or persona – needed a Digital Branding 101 primer: look no further – she breathes branding. Below: how you can be as comfortable and in control of social media as a head of the Haushold.

Follow Friday: Paper Cuts


Paper Magazine dropped their “Social Networking Issue” earlier this month and – amidst the usual prime Pop culture prose and noteworthy points – featured their own “Who’s Who” primer of the Twittasphere:

When the world says they’re on their paper chase, it’s no wonder why with Paper’s taste: impeccable. Their 140 keep Twitter witty and wise… and ego-checked. A look back at the month’s last – but furthest from least – list of Tweeps to follow, know, love, @, #, RT, and DM the %*!&# out of, courtesy of Paper Magazine… featured below are a few of the finest from the character reel…

@questlove – Questlove

Drummers keep the beat – and Quest is no different keeping to the root of the Tweet

@whitegrlproblem – White Girl Problems

yep, even though Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Mary Kate, and Casey lead deceptively glamorous lives, white girls do indeed have problems like the rest of us

40 Reasons, #36: Major Lazer x La Roux – Lazerproof Mixtape

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In case you missed the entire day in music… here it is – more than enough reason to get excited about music

Major Lazer and La Roux is a match made in dubstep heaven… let the angels rejoice and the devils stomp to dub beats. The mixtape features samples that trot the globe: hopping from Houstatlantavegas, touching down in Toronto, finagling in Finland, trapping in Atlanta, and finding diamonds in the roughest places everywhere in between. The result is a perfect collective summer anthem fit for any system. Remember where you first heard the intoxicatingly visceral vibes, as they will no doubt be heard on dashboards and dancefloors all over until the world goes tone deaf.


Dime Dailies: New Music Monday Melange – May 24, 2010

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Ello, ello! (Baby you called I can’t hear a thing…) It’s been awhile (read: far too long) since I’ve posted a sampler smattering of what I’m listening to, but today I felt particularly inspired. So, here goes: a… sampler smattering of what I’m listening to today.

“Toxic” (Britney Spears Cover) (16 Bit Dubstep Remix) – Yael Naim

This remix is by no means new, but it is the definition of fresh. We all know and love the original. Hopefully a lot of you have been enjoying Yael Naim’s sugary cover for years now. But now, 16 Bit have brought it home. Their dubstep remix adds layers of sound that accent Naim’s already fragile-sounding voice, making the cover sound like a music box that could break at any moment. We pray it won’t, and the suspense is half the fun.

Courtesy of Pretty Much Amazing

“Unforgettable” ft. Young Jeezy – Wheelchair Jimmy

Ad-a-Day: Audi A1’s “The Next Big Thing”


Throwback to Ad-a-Day. Audi is pushing A1 promotion like their filet mignons depend on it. They released the 6-part online short film series “The Next Big Thing” featuring Justin Timberlake and Dania Ramirez. The product resembles what a sextuplet sequel offspring of “The Italian Job,” “Alpha Dog,” “The Phone,” and “Bye, Bye, Bye” would look like…

though if this is “The Next Big Thing,” I have to admit I preferred the last big thing… back when the main character was “The Star” and the M5 was the car…

Watch this space: short action-packed car chase flicks always drive em wild – outside of the acting: approve

Unforgettable, Vol. 14: DJ Danger Mouse – The Grey Album

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Venturing out of the kaleidoscopic jungle fever pitch of M.I.A.’s Arular we find ourselves at the concrete crossroads between Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects and London’s Abbey Road with DJ Danger Mouse’s brilliant return to basics, the masterful Jay-Z versus The Beatles mash-up, The Grey Album. The Grey Album is a cataclysmic crux of two epic absolutes: The Beatles’ White Album and Jay-Z’s Black Album with the rhapsodic rodent at the helm. Burton blurs the lines and illuminates the bonds between good and d’evils to create a gritty grey area – platinum records sans the shine.

The Grey Album is a cultural reflection and blueprint. It is a hybrid of two artistic absolutes: Jay-Z’s Black Album as the pitch black to which he faded – the close to a career, the retirement, the sendoff, the assumed end; The Beatles’ White Album as their rebirth – the first album after the death of their manager Brian Epstein, and the first album on their own record label Apple – donning a pure white album cover with nothing but “The BEATLES” in black. The mash-up flips the roles and sees Hov’s requiem lyrics as a renaissance.

HIP HOP REMIX Countdown: #7 – The Neptunes

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The Imperial Skateboard P and Chad Hugo – better known as The Neptunes – are undoubtedly two of hip-hop’s paramount producers. If Kelis’ milkshake brought the boys to the yard, The Neptunes’ ice creams brought the billionaire boys club to the block with their signature intergalactic sound.

Pharrell paved the way for the futuristic funk stranglehold on the past decade’s mainstream sound. Tag-teaming with Hugo, Williams blended satellite synth and subwoofer shaking bass in a way that created songs that were not mere remixes, but fused genres to remake the entire Top 40. They took pop from bland bubblegum to bombastic boom, and took rap/hip-hop from the cold hard underground and into the blinding light.

Hugo and Williams’ discography jumps off the New Jack Swing kick of the early 90s where they worked with heavyhitters like Mike E, Teddy Riley, Blackstreet, Wreckx N’ Effect, and SWV. Their sound transitioned into the bass-driven vibe of mid-to-late 90s where they set the tone for the urban contemporary landscape, collaborating with rap royalty past and present: Noreaga, Total, Ma$e, The LOX, Puffy, and protege duo Clipse. One of the finest gutterfunk mixes of the era was ODB’s “Got Your Money” featuring The Neptunes first lady, Kelis.