biorhythmic : britney

once upon a time, a slice of eons ago, i spent a couple of years mastering the art and science of global media and communication exploring britney jean spears as subcultural youth icon of the bush era… it, was fun, functional, and a bit fringe-element, but so it is and here we are. that said, below, a much less academic exploration of various elements of said spearit’s anthology in the wake of a three-ring revival…

biorhythmic : britney :: that was fun


re:code.FM, Vol. 19: Blackout


“2007 climaxed the greatest American tale since The Civil War, and Britney Spears’ Blackout was our living soundtrack…”

Just as Spears was our brown-eyed girl of misfortune, Blackout is the requiem of our American Dream. Britney was an ideal created in our own image. Our image, our perception of our self-worth, in the past decade was dependent upon fame and projected status. Then, more than ever, our identities were aligned with iconographies: Britney was our Miss American Dream, and in 2007 we saw her strip away her white gown…

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Biorhythmic A.V: “Hold It Against Me”


“The video shows Britney destroying her own made world: you wanted her body, so now she’s holding it against the music…”

As Britney remains suspended in the televised void, she is faced with her own self – and, even if only for a moment, we think beyond the shaved head and K-Fed to the schoolgirl that once was… that was then, though and this is now. Britney represents the new human condition through electronic evolution. A pop star is not a person – it’s a persona – and nowhere is that more evident than with the iconography of Pop pastiche that is a one Ms. Britney Jean Spears. A receptive conglomeration of all things Pop past, present, and future she has evolved from the face to the body of the modern genre…

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Biorhythmic: “Inside Out”


“A sonic landscape where Britney’s voice lingers…”

[As] the pneuma in a world of perpetual descent, digital raindrops fall between heavy bass and dark ambient sounds… in Spears’ world since celebrity, all she has known is a world flipped upside-down… a life lived inside-out…

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Biorhythmic: Femme Fatale


Femme Fatale is an album and a piece of artistic expression…”

[Femme Fatale] is not good or bad in a conventional sense, it is good because it exists and within that existence remains the necessity of its presence. Britney’s career, if nothing else, has been the rawest example of Pop’s perpetual epic living poem… nothing is quite perfect until it comes to fruition… and when it does, it is unsettling but somehow familiar and comforting within its imperfection… it’s so literal, and flawed within some standard capacity, but so sincerely human, even behind the technological veneer and auto-tuned pseudo-perfection it is the human aspect that this is a revelation of an actual life lived…

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Biorhythmic: “Till The World Ends” (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj & Ke$ha


“One, two, three stampeding signatures of betrayal hit a fog of formidable pop filler right through to the super bass beasted bridge over monster cries…”

[M]aniacally frenzied electronic dance fusion chaotically crafted to crumble beneath the weight of a tremendously troublesome trifecta’s wrath… in a perfectly crafted cacophonic dazed crescendo…

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Vinyl Cut Prose: “Beautiful (Inside Out)” (Mash-Up)


“Sittin in the mirror gettin’ pretty… when the fairest of them all met the most fatally feminine fall…”

Stratospheric sonicscapes – so dark, so humanly divine… so intangibly innate to the any listener… life, love, and the eternal pursuit for truth within both spheres… day in, day out, from dusk until dawn, this engimatic animal never rests… this uncanny creature who has seen the best and worst of it all… continues to push along and love this second life to death…

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Britney Tweets 2007: Ep. 1


“Because if ifs and ands were pots and pans there’d be no betta work for tinker’s hands

… because pink wigs birthed millennial whiplash, because it’s the rhyme behind seasonal reason, because you’re not B and will never see it her way… because Britney didn’t have Twitter in 2007, because the traphaus was birthed in the wake of Kevin, because Miss Spears will remain the bad bxxch you’ll never know, because they shouldn’t have let her blackout the ‘net #work: nouveau decided to put on a show…

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Britney Tweets 2007: Ep. 2


“… because there was no twitterverse then …”

… because once upon a time there were haircuts, because there was nowhere else to be at 4pm every weekday…

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Britney Tweets 2007, Ep. 3


“… because education was the motivation, because she blogged before it was cool

… because she was an independent publisher in the midst of corporate media, because stellar evolution involves apparent collapse, because she may not have spoken the King’s English but still scribed the siren’s hymn, because well-before she dropped the scheiße en route to new Britney’s mission she bathed in capital H.I.M.… because she wants you people to know she’s not perfect, she’s divine #godspeed

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Biorhythmic: “Work BxxCH”


“Work hard like it’s your profession

[W]ith a kid on your arm be a still exceptional earner, email their hearts until that 808 breaks, cry them a river and build that dubstep bridge over monster cries, make it reign and valkyrie the slain, blackout until they cry because they wanted you to – go to both places, y’know? …

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Vinyl Cut Prose: Britney Jean


“I always say, if you want to feel fame

[P]ilot up Mulholland Drive. As you coast and careen along the Hollywood Hills in a journey equally breathtaking in its aesthetic splendor and constant proximal fatality, you have to marvel at how something so juxtaposed and magnificent could ever exist within the capital of manufactured artifice. And right beside the splendor is the perpetual threat: that should you look over the vertiginous drop a split second too long, should you get lost for a spell in the Canyon’s star trail, should a twist of fate trigger the Achilles fall for no clear reason at all… your silent demise still reigns above the masses who never heard the autumn call – and that’s fame. And that’s what Britney Jean gives you in ten tracks…

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Lyrically Speaking: “Tom’s Diner”


“No matter what the weather. through the pain and pressure

[N]ever let them see you with your chin down… when you feel them watching, raise up…

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The De Jure, The De Facto, The Glory of Britney Spears’ Tribal Gospel


“Spears will rarely, if ever, tout the sheer magnitude of her records…”

These records are marvels of technological prowess and cosmosonic capacity – where Blackout saw Danja’s synthesized vocal levels filtering through the records’ darkest recesses; here, Britney is the aural consciousness ebbing and flowing throughout terrestrial percussion and electric reverb. It’s never any one thing, it is the panoramic collection of some of this contemporary condition’s most expansive sensory elements… the soundtrack of this human-robot-humanoid dialectic… the artifice and human intelligence. That is always our story, how to transcend above the inanimate – how to make this real now, and how to manifest the best surreal into an eternal reality

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