“No Church in the Wild,” Romain Gavras, Kanye West, JAY-Z, Frank Ocean, The-Dream

“No Church in the Wild” ft. Frank Ocean and The-Dream – Watch the Throne – Jay-Z & Kanye West

We formed a new religion: no sins as long as there’s permission, and deception is the only felony…

Where civilization is framed, once again, by the Roman #bewaretheidesofgavras

The Throne… Black Jesus walks in the wild… Where there is no church, just a primal society of spectacular sinners in the magnificent monde a la mode… Amen fashion… London is looting, Paris is burning, New York is occupied, victors are vilified, and the beasts are the beautiful beacons of a new world… Postcolonial cultural institutions, Neo-liberal capitalism beneath the civilly disobedient liberated lady, soundtracks run through the veins and veneer of a blind Justice Judy… Mitochondiral thieves, sons of Reagan’s mythological Welfare Queens, tears on the mausoleum floor, lies on the lips of a priest… Faustus grants voices, viles of victorious libations, and a hand to grasp to the thug’s prayers reached…. Human beings to a mob, what’s a mob to a king, what’s a king to a god, what’s a god to a non-believer who don’t believe in anything… When pop is the pre-eminent place of worship and The Throne makes room for Jo Calderone… what’s Queen Bee to Minaj, what’s Minaj to a Bey, what’s Britney to Gaga, what’s Gaga to the tot Belieber who don’t believe in anything… #preach

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