mood:ring :: rhapsody in muse

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mood: onyx views and new world vantages, terra nova upon alchemical wings of indigo angels… manifest movements with divine ministers and mainframe muses… synchronous rhythms and rhapsodic blues

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mood:ring :: “release the cosmogony”

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mood: motion imagery halfway between the silicon glitch and source periphery, mossless lossless c/o @artworkbyartlord 

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audiobiography: we are mortals

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WE ARE MORTALS® is an evolutionary gender-free urban streetwear brand.

We call ourselves MORTALS because we are the ones who understand the brevity of human life and the need to live it fully and limitlessly. We also believe that as MORTALS, we’re all equal. That is why we created our brand around this idea of a future in which we wear our personalities, not our gender identities or other stereotypicl labels.

Coining the phrase ‘The Future Has No Gender,’ WE ARE MORTALS® seeks to challenge the conventional and outdated his/hers formula of clothing design and retail. In the future, there will be room to exist in a ‘gray area’ in which our identities don’t rely on gender, sexual, or racial classification. Ultimately, we hope that by removing the traditional gender designations from our clothing, we can facilitate a cultural shift in the way we view gender, sexuality, and each other.”


WeAreMortalsliving soundtrack, sonic couture for the post-structural human culture, in founder Anji Becker’s own words…


(W) orld Town – M.I.A: “M.I.A. is an artist that speaks up for causes, represents underprivileged people in the world. she’s fearless, a powerful woman who doesn’t accept traditional gender stereotypes.”

Music Monday: Bjork … ft. Basketball via Nike and Barkley


In the midst of this extraordinarily mundane Monday my iPod shuffled upon Bjork’s “In the Musicals;” quite a brilliant track actually …

which reminded me of an equally innovative Nike commercial

Not surprisingly, Bjork and basketball go together like … Bjork and Barkley — astoundingly well, but mind ravaging if given too much thought as to why exactly

MdM: May Sera, Sera


Indie alter-ego post from the Motel


Music imitates life: the riches works are those with subtle progressions, elevating you to the finale without losing the foundation.



Ello again motel dwellers. I’ve been away for awhile, balancing on the proverbial precipice – graduating and celebrating the climactic-in-its-own-way 22nd birthday. Now I’m back – to basics. There’s no definitive theme here, just a quick list of what this May Baby hears when her month in ’09 comes to mind.

Sidenote: Y’know, you try to build a decent list – then Johnny Law and Lily come through, and the result is removal “by request.” “I thought this was America people,” where’s the intellectual property focus on the public interest – digress. Copyright law is about individual profit from original works so I’ll bow out of this debate.

For the sake of a complete list though …



The Mars Volta – “Tira Me A Las Aranas” (De-Loused in the Comatorium, 2003)

Daedelus – “Soulful of Child” (Invention, 2002)

Radiohead – “15 Step” (In Rainbows, 2007)

Björk – “In the Musicals” (Selmasongs, 2002)

AIR – “Cherry Blossom Girl” (Talkie Walkie, 2004)

Lily Allen – “Why” (Not Fair – Single, Vinyl; 2009)