Ad-a-Day: Audi A1’s “The Next Big Thing”


Throwback to Ad-a-Day. Audi is pushing A1 promotion like their filet mignons depend on it. They released the 6-part online short film series “The Next Big Thing” featuring Justin Timberlake and Dania Ramirez. The product resembles what a sextuplet sequel offspring of “The Italian Job,” “Alpha Dog,” “The Phone,” and “Bye, Bye, Bye” would look like…

though if this is “The Next Big Thing,” I have to admit I preferred the last big thing… back when the main character was “The Star” and the M5 was the car…

Watch this space: short action-packed car chase flicks always drive em wild – outside of the acting: approve

The Re-Branding of America: Sprint Pre/Now Network


This ad came out a few months ago, but through it’s many manifestations is still as brilliant as ever.

I. Love. Integration. I love it like Malcolm, in my coffee; I love it like Jim Crow hated it, in American society; I love it in creative expression, like Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable; but as an eternal student with a focus on Communication and Society, I love it in ad campaigns — fully integrated campaigns with content and messaging reaching across more aisles than Ronald Reagan’s wildest nightmare — this commercial does just that.

The Re-Branding of America: Wal-Mart “Back to School – The List”


Wal-mart keeps back-to-school prices low so you can get your kids that degr–, diplo–, GED. Parents, you’ve got your list of school supplies to keep the little ones ahead of the curve …

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Re-Branding of America: KGB – “Natural Weave”


Watching my little sister interact with the world made me realize the Tide-like brainwashing power of the media. As a Communications major, McLuhan and Co.’s theories are an assumed reality; but deep down I had to believe the media’s stranglehold on youth — and adults — was more relevant in the classroom than on the city streets. I was wrong. That said, I figure media literacy is imperative. Seeing as how it is rarely taught in classrooms — sadly — I might as well take matters in to my own hands. Therefore, I’ll highlight an ad a day — to keep the doctors away. Imitation is suicide, and in a world of mass media immersion we are all programmed to fit the mediated mold.

First up, the ad that made me shake my head — full of my own natural human hair.

Music Monday: Bjork … ft. Basketball via Nike and Barkley


In the midst of this extraordinarily mundane Monday my iPod shuffled upon Bjork’s “In the Musicals;” quite a brilliant track actually …

which reminded me of an equally innovative Nike commercial

Not surprisingly, Bjork and basketball go together like … Bjork and Barkley — astoundingly well, but mind ravaging if given too much thought as to why exactly

The Gold Post: 100 Kept


Finally, the century mark. It’s times like this when you recap to the beginning and where it all began. So: a playlist paying tribute to where it always begins — home. (Actually, I stumbled across “City is Mine,” and decided to put together a city playlist. It just so happened to be The Dime’s 100th post, and all the cities are hometowns — thus the easy spin about where it begins.) Either way, enjoi

Starting at the top of the map with an ode to our Neighbors to the North — compliments of their most hyped export since Jimmy Brooks

Joe-bama Clark


When times are hard, sometimes all you need is a strong shoulder to lean on, and a reassuring voice to tell you “Yes We Can.” Father knows best — and, really, isn’t Morgan Freeman America’s default father figure? (the stern one at least, obviously Bill Cosby has the puddin’ poppa role on lock). Clearly, he was Barack’s pop father figure — or at least speechwriter …

Freeman/Obama 2012: From trials and tribulations …

to triumphs