The Re-Branding of America: Sprint Pre/Now Network


This ad came out a few months ago, but through it’s many manifestations is still as brilliant as ever.

I. Love. Integration. I love it like Malcolm, in my coffee; I love it like Jim Crow hated it, in American society; I love it in creative expression, like Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable; but as an eternal student with a focus on Communication and Society, I love it in ad campaigns — fully integrated campaigns with content and messaging reaching across more aisles than Ronald Reagan’s wildest nightmare — this commercial does just that.

Text-Door Neighbors –– we don’t talk


Even with my old school RAZR … I am so incredibly guilty of this


In all fairness, I’m half deaf and probably couldn’t hear what you were saying anyway … so really I was doing you a favor by opting for texting over talking to you –– no need to thank me, you’re welcome.

Plus, how much more entertaining would face-to-face texting be? It’s like “reality silent films,” like Live-Action-Chaplin.

watch this space: talking is so last year. i think my friend’s grandma still talks to people … like the milkman, as she writes a letter, to send via pony express, to her friend –– the dodo veterinarian –– on the other side of the land bridge, about her pending patent on the wheel.