You Can’t Bea Serious

Soundtrek, TK:DC

So last week was chock full of goodness … but alas, life isn’t conducive to blogging right now. Didn’t get a chance to blog a recap of the week but you can’t spell blog without the letter b and that letter is a halfway-homonym to Bea … Bea Arthur. Long story short, I had to post a blog for Bea.

Brief makeup for lost time:

I didn’t post on April 20 so …

Belated Happy Birthday to the freshest: Edie Sedgwick

… who shares quite a bit with the recreation celebrated on the same day

Belated welcome to the Taurean time of year, and those whose birthdays fall within that most brilliant season — we’re kind of a big deal.

Belated “Two thumbs fresh” kudos to Lily Allen for a brilliant show at Roseland …

though it’s apparent she doesn’t need my validation


It’s amazing what two years and tenacity will do to your fanbase: from Webster Hall and highschool kids, to Roseland and high profile industry people (oddly enough making up for the bulk of non-dancing attendees who congregated around my nook); Even more amazing is what two weeks and a Twitter will do to your fan club — of haters …


Keep in mind … that was just last Monday — and not even the half of it. Moving on though, I didn’t post on Spring coming to DC; or my having to drop her off at National because Summer decided to catch an early flight in — six to eight weeks early. Again though, I doubt anyone in DC — or on the Eastern Seaboard — needed the heads up about the heat, at least not these kids …


I don’t know if the little girl’s chagrin is over the sun or swine flu — but either way she is feeling the struggle of life.

That said, I didn’t post on the litany of massive events this past week … but I had to post on Bea. We lost a great one …

she got it from her momma …

Estelle and Bea; Sophia and Dorothy. Epic.


That’s all for now. So beat. In the interest of time — and sanity — I’m going to clog and tumble my thoughts for a bit, until I get a chance to breathe and blog. Ciao kids.

Distriction: LDN meets DC at 930

Soundtrek, TK:DC

Missed out on the Circus, but still want to see a fly Brit? Lucky you, DC …

Rhymes with Silly‘ Allen is in town for her sold-out performance tonight at the 930 Club


Her shows sell-out so she doesn’t have to


In related news: We can’t say the same for Hot97 and Cipha



Drake aka “Don’t Call Me Jimmy” —

drake shots_jimmy

Watch this space: Music makes the people come together — the bourgoise and the rebel

Distriction: Wale on Tour …

Soundtrek, TK:DC

just not in DC — irony.


So worth the tickets, Wale is amazing — DC’s finest.

Watch this space: He’s on Mark Ronson‘s label — Allido … if you still need convincing after Wale, Mark Ronson, and Stevie Wonder (Allido, think about it) maybe this isn’t for you.

Distriction: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …


… and the flurry of finger pointing a la British investigative journalism puts a possible smudge on the as-of-yet snow white reputation of the second daughter, Ashley Biden — but more so on her father, “Can-I-call-you-JoeBiden


Biden – Mr. that is – is an adamant supporter of the anti-drug campaign, specifically – you guessed it – the trafficking of cocaine from Columbia

Since becoming a senator for Delaware in 1973, Mr Biden has pushed for harder penalties for cocaine possession and trafficking and last year sponsored a new bill aimed at curbing the smuggling of Colombian cocaine into the US in submarines.

Say it ain’t so Joe! even if it is so joe, there’s worse things she could do … her last name could be Dupre

In related news: sports

British print media: 2; Young American public figures: 0
Disabled list: Michael Phelps, Ashley Biden

American print media: we lost count; British public figures: 0
Disabled list: Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Kate Moss, Pete Doherty, Russell Brand, etc.

Distriction: Springing back from cy-bernating slumber


This weekend welcomed the Cherry Blossom Festival, DC’s cultural introduction to Spring — and the perfect way to wake from a late winter hibernation from the digital domain.

A brief greeting after my semi-extended stint away from the blogosphere. I took some time to rest and refuel my creative reserves — similar to a bear’s hibernation for the digital age, more tech and less time.

So, I’m back now: like Bipartisanship a la Britney


babies …

Bush (W.)a la Barack

the sound of dot-com bubbles bursting …

and dot-com bubbles broadening …

Scientology a la Palin‘s people …


and those beautiful cherry blossoms.

A week (end) in review — in case you missed it

Distriction: Ba-sham-rack O’bama


The Hill was alive with the sound of Gaelic today — and the green garb to boot — as President O’Bama welcomed his “brother from another mother” — land, Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen

It’s all fun and festive until the water is flowing from your faucet …

Green might be having the best day ever: White House fountain, Ba-sham-rack’s tie, Dow arrows, AIG Exec’s pockets, sprouting soon-to-be-Springtime grass … fitting and fresh.

Distriction: DC HIV/AIDS Rates Surpass West Africa


Because it’s not just a third-world problem, it’s a problem on Third and Maryland Ave too

More imperative — but innately intertwined — with the “Anti-Journalism” movement is the need to debunk the (mediated) HIV/AIDS mythologies within the U.S. For example: toting Africa as the world’s AIDS haven. HIV/AIDS — like hunger, like poverty, like inadequate education — does not stop at our doorstep. The sooner we come to terms with social pandemics — and take accountability and ownership of them as our own — the sooner we can solve the problem.

As the Obama Administration aims to reconnect the U.S. with our international partners, it is key that we as Americans look – beyond politics, to people — at shared experiences between ourselves and our fellow global citizens – flaws and all.

Hopefully, this sparks an expansion initiative for the Project Red – whose brilliant campaign stimulates charity, capitalism, and consumption … all in one! The brand’s mission to “fight AIDS in Africa,” would provide worlds of support – literally – to fight the AIDS within the U.S. as well. Even a campaign to establish sub-projects — country/region specific extensions within the larger “Project Red” umbrella – would present the gravity in sheer breadth of the social crisis, but more so the solidarity behind the solution.

Watch this space

I’m coming home again …

Soundtrek, TK:DC

Spring Break! Second semester senior year of undergrad — it breaks even. I’m headed home to pull a Sherman on Atlanta, then back here to pull an Obama on DC — it breaks even. Either way: I’m coming home again …

… ming home again

yes, i know. you can’t “come home again” as they say. but i’m not they — so, naturally, i can.

touch bases again after I touch down … til then: be good. be well.

Distriction: March 6th at the Smithsonian


So the Smithsonian is free. Spring is coming. Southerners prefer crunk, but if you’re in the District it’s about high time to get some culture in your system.

I’ll be leaving DC for a quick stint, but worry not there will be plenty of other Districtions to keep you engaged … and enlightened

I suggest seeing the “Road to Freedom” Civil Rights Movement Photograph Exhibit this weekend at the Ripley Center before it closes on Monday … great pieces and quite timely — two thumbs fresh.

And yes, perusing art galleries is a great way to make you feel clever …

Watch this space: it’s about to March Off Washington

Mr. Pitt Goes to Washington


Another day, another Brit — BRad pITt, that is. From Anglophilia to Branglophilia — yeah that was a reach … Either way, more pop, more politics, more PR, more Brits …

Nancy Pelosi might be having the Best Year Ev– oh, wait … this just in … Nancy Pelosi just gave another standing ovation: this time, Barack said “I believe the children are our future” at the Sidwell Friends PTA Meeting.

Watch this space