You Can’t Bea Serious

So last week was chock full of goodness … but alas, life isn’t conducive to blogging right now. Didn’t get a chance to blog a recap of the week but you can’t spell blog without the letter b and that letter is a halfway-homonym to Bea … Bea Arthur. Long story short, I had to…

Distriction: LDN meets DC at 930

Missed out on the Circus, but still want to see a fly Brit? Lucky you, DC … ‘Rhymes with Silly‘ Allen is in town for her sold-out performance tonight at the 930 Club Her shows sell-out so she doesn’t have to In related news: We can’t say the same for Hot97 and Cipha Drake aka…

Distriction Playlistic: Metro Steps

L’enfant Plaza Metro Station Question du jour I’d say somewhere between: 2 … and 15; but — for this nation — likely more than 12

Distriction: Wale on Tour …

just not in DC — irony. So worth the tickets, Wale is amazing — DC’s finest. Watch this space: He’s on Mark Ronson‘s label — Allido … if you still need convincing after Wale, Mark Ronson, and Stevie Wonder (Allido, think about it) maybe this isn’t for you.

Distriction: Head’s Up

Wisdom in the weirdest places — and the most apropos times … it made my week nonetheless watch this space: the cynic in me has to point out the riot control/opiate-of-the-masses angle of inspirational adverts on the ever-“moving-momentarily” Metro car – points for PR and practicality