Dime Dailies: Miscommunication 2.0 – Facebook Chat


Back in my day we had intonation, inflection, insight; back in my day we had conversations. Nowadays, half of my conversations online are spent figuring out the sentiment behind the semantics of with whomever it is I’m having a “conversation.” Miscommunication leads to complication: feelings getting hurt, makeshift yelling (read: kanye caps), cryptic and overzealous emoticons (read: iHieroglyphics), acute bipolar disorder (read: a combination of all said “emotions” within a 3-5 minute span bookended with all lowercase tone sprinkled with passive-aggression). Hyperbole you say? Nay, gander and gaze:

Just a ponderance and point of note to developers, designers, linguistic engineers: next time you’re brainstorming genius ideas, throw around emotive text… something catchy like “Emotifont” (from the makers of “The Caps Lock Button: Your Bullhorn to the Webworld.”) #justsayin

Watch this space: People aren’t apathetic, nor are they monotone (well, no one worth talking to anyway), nor were we geared to interact with said delivery of messages in a conversational tone; with text maintaining primary means of immediate communication, I’m going to need more than a few astrices, exclamation points, parenthesis, and a caps lock button to convey what I’m trying to say. Of course, I could minimize my sarcasm so that intonation and snark don’t bar conversation… nah.

F.I.L.A. Pic of the Patch: October 28, 2009


I like my BlackBerry, I love my BlackBerry, I loathe my BlackBerry… if only my Curve’s curves could talk — but that’s what its lens is for: a thousand words a snap. The frequency with which I use said camera means my Curve talks 24/7, and I’ve got enough BlackBerry shots to fill a whole pasture. For now though here’s today’s pic of the BlackBerry photo patch:

Imported Photos 00002

I love this picture because I love the sheer connectedness of it: social media meets storytelling meets Border’s (signpost sanctuary of silent friends aka books), it all but screams engage. Border’s figures kids don’t read what traditional authors write, so maybe they’ll read each others thoughts — I like it.

Now for a little fodder to spark storytelling — backstory pondering rather …

Imported Photos 00018

How did the Chicken Biscuit get there? Is it even a Chicken Biscuit? Is this the cows’ attempt at getting everyone — regardless of financial means — to “Eat Mor Chikin?” In retrospect should I have nabbed it after all… no, no to the last one. Today’s Pic of the Patch, definitely worth a noggin scratch.

Watch this space: Especially you Atlanta; it’s free food, in this economy, from Chic-Fil-A — might be the only Chic-Fil-A available on Sunday if everyone’s fingers stay sticky-free. Yet another reason why F.I.L.A. [Chic(ken) F(orever) I L(ove) A(tlanta)?] … free Southern (fried) Hospitality

“I am a neo-luddite, goodbye.”


Lily Allen’s heretofore final tweet



is beginning to look like a great recap of 2009. Neo-luddism is finding a renaissance from Lily’s anti-piracy crusade, to Jay-Z’s all black everything’s anti-autotune coup. As they say, “as above so below…”


Watch this space: as the year draws to a close, it is looking more and more like the end of one era — you know, now that Woodstock, Sesame Street, and the Gap, like Jay-Z, are on their 40th run around the calendar and on their way over the hill — on the brink of the next cultural and generational frontier.

Just as quickly as technology dictated the past decade — how we communicate, how we connect, with whom we connect at such immediate frequency, the vast archives of information at our fingertips, the juxtapositional ease in providing and prohibiting the flow of said information, our increased familiarity and understanding of people / places / societies until now foreign to us, our ability to create new and innovative forms of art / music / expression / science / medicine — its inundation, and our dependence / preoccupation on this new media, turned the miracle medium into a detriment to authenticity and basic human interaction.

Now we are seeing a backlash: from the banning of Twitter in various settings, to the FCC’s blogger-centric regulatory proposals, to the general view of social media as a somewhat narcissistic (effectually, superficial) means of recreation; not considering that social media is a medium (e.g. merely a channel that transfers content). While the medium is amazing, and is a message in its own right; Twitter, for instance, is a throughway for human ideas and their exchange. Just like magazines and television, offer entertainment-based programs, alongside public broadcast, news, scientific, etc. stations; so Twitter / Facebook / Tumblr offer entertainment, news-oriented, etc. content and conversation — Twitter the medium, the tweet remains the human message.

That said, we are seeing a digital coup d’état from the top down. It’s about balance and perspective; take the Mac / PC / Web 2.0 enigma off the pedestal, and integrate it into culture — instead of fragment and treat it as a separate entity (a la “The Social Media” as opposed to The Media itself — like print, like broadcast, etc.) — and it won’t be as complex a problem.  That said, it should be interesting to see how the neo-neo-luddites impact this coming year.

Watch that space: Truth is truth; at the end of the day, technology is only as powerful, useful, significant, and effective as we make it — we are the authentic soul behind the artificially intelligent cold. Drummers are born with that spirit; because, well, it’s hard to have a drum machine keep the heart of the beat.

The Re-Branding of America: Sprint Pre/Now Network


This ad came out a few months ago, but through it’s many manifestations is still as brilliant as ever.

I. Love. Integration. I love it like Malcolm, in my coffee; I love it like Jim Crow hated it, in American society; I love it in creative expression, like Andy Warhol’s Exploding Plastic Inevitable; but as an eternal student with a focus on Communication and Society, I love it in ad campaigns — fully integrated campaigns with content and messaging reaching across more aisles than Ronald Reagan’s wildest nightmare — this commercial does just that.

Amplify: Digital Media Goes Dutch


Amplify: it’s bringing clogs back harder than Birkenstock; this could be the biggest digi-Dutch tandem since cybercafés digitized the coffee shop


Okay, but who are the these amplifiers you might ask …


That’s all well and good, but what if you’ve got a few questions about exactly what clogging is …whatsaclog

or, you wonder, what with all of the Facebooks, Blogspots, Twitters, and Typepads out there, why clog?


I say with the recession the way it is, ditch the ticket to Amsterdam and head to Amplify for the freshest clogs around.

Tip another one up to Digital Media Integration. Amplify keeps the creative content base of blogs; while adding the incredibly user-friendly clipping tool for seamless organization and clean presentation. What sets clogging apart from blogging, Tweeting, or Facebooking, per se, is Amplify’s core integrated approach; Clogs can stand alone as an introductory foray into blogging for beginners, but can better yet enhance any digital guru’s online presence by pinging Clogs to synced de.li.cio.us, Facebook, RSS feeds, and Twitter accounts. The site is still in the Beta release stage, so it’s as good a time as any to check it out. I’m just getting aquainted myself, but the intuitive layout makes for an easy transition.

Watch this space: Clip, comment, and Clog — it’s that easy. Clogging could be a great digital niche for disaffected former bloggers — the ones for whom the honeymoon with blogging is over, and “updating posts” stays somewhere between ‘fixing the cabinet’ and ‘buying life insurance’ on the “To Should Do List.”  Most noteworthy of all: it’s integrated and independent, comprehensive and concise — and, of course, digital and Dutch … digi-Dutch.

Added bonus: it’s free; so, no worries on splitting the bill