Lyrically Speaking: Lily Allen – “Kabul Sxxt”

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Good music speaks volumes… rather than impose analysis, step back and expose linguistic artistry… why critique that which has achieved perfection at its own masterful conception… listen, look, and linger in fantastic rhythmic reality: lyrically speaking


There’s a hole in our logic
There’s a hole in the sky
And one day just like magic
We’re all going to die
‘Cause we didn’t turn the lights off
And we didn’t take the bus
Even though we know we should have
Oh, silly old us

The Vaultt: Punch Drunk Post-Valentine’s Daylist Playlist


Punch-drunk love hangover courtesy of the most rosy-cheeked forever-juvenile heartthrob this side of Justin Bieber got your Tuesday on pause? Well, that’s what the Valentines’s Daylist vault is for – the cause and cure… sit back, bask in the afterglow of el dia de los enamorados… A quick and dirty list lingering on the fringe of lunacy and true love – enjoi…

Oh love. Timelining through Cupid, St. Valentine, Aphrodite — her son Hermaphrodite — Cyrano de Bergerac, van Gogh,  John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Ike and Tina, the list. goes. on. For love to be so romanticized, it is quite a trying ordeal. On this most noted of all days dedicated to love, I’ve decided to venture down the road far less desired, but far more traveled. This path of great resistance may be long and arduous, but it makes for quite the soundtrack. It’s baneful. It’s adulterous at times. It’s abasing. It’s abstract and all-consuming. It’s fleeting. But, inevitably, it’s love. So for what it’s worth: enjoi.

Beautiful, Dirty, Wi-Fi: YouTube/MySpace Celebrity Playlist

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The YouTube/MySpace Star of the 2000s: ringtone rappers, polyphonic popsters, internet indie rockers, and hard-driven hipsters… you basement dwelling vlogophiles are the most beautiful dirty richest of all.

We do the dance right; we have got it made like ice cream topped with honey – but we got no money…

You do the dance right (to the bank), you’ve got it made like ice cream topped with honey (or just iced-out chains), but you got no money (debatable). To the handful of you who are making something out of nothing and generating wealth riches from webcam stardom: kudos – this playlist is for you

Soulja Boy – Superman that HEAUX OH! (The “Won’t Someone Please Think of The Children?!” Remix)

Dime Digest: Music Monday – July 12, 2010


I left you all with a drought, and so now: a Music Monday deluge. The sirens crafted a playlist of divine proportions today, one so glorious I couldn’t possibly keep it to myself. Truth is stranger than fiction, and mythology makes for reality’s greatest musings… Art is expressed reaction to good and evil; Pandora: the curious curator of this gallery we call life – and the best thing to happen to music in a long time… ah, the wonderful world of playlistism #ohletsdoit

The Fugees – Ready or Not

Jay-Z – D’Evils

Lady GaGa – Just Dance (Red One Remix) ft. Kardinal Offishall

Union Jacked: BRITs 2010 de-brief and recap

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Oh the brilliant BRIT Awards (says the Yankee). If the Brits taught us one thing: it’s to guard your crown jewels; meanwhile, Stateside the Grammys traded them off for glitter, while the AMAs cut off their nose to save face. Thank the Queen, Britain – in all its splendid isolation – provided a safe haven for our native island of creative misfits. With the veneer of the VMAs, the critical cred of the Grammys, and the je ne sais quais (read: accent) of Russell Brand – the BRITs are it… innit?


Music Monday Melange: February 1, 2009

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Post-Grammy “What I’m Digging That They Didn’t” Playlist – aka “Welcome to Hipster Heartbreak”

Today we’ve got some monsters, some mavens, some Basement Jaxx, some MGMT, some “Kids,” some Cudi, some Jeezy, some Common, some Lily, and some of her womanizing problems…

Has anybody seen my disco stick?

So, LoveGame… doesn’t play

Its remixes though… go harder than Baltimore: dig it, dug it, done

Top 5 of 2009: Songs/Albums

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Thanks to Winstone over at The Couch Sessions I compiled my Top 5 songs/albums of 2009 (actually without Winston I wouldn’t have even considered the feat).

True Pop is self-contextualizing. My “best of” list reflects those works that built this year in pop culture, by reflecting the end of an era – of shallow celebrity veiled behind assumed artistry. Pop done right is cohesive, not fragmented, and neither are its masterpieces. Pop done right is an atmosphere – artists create their own world. Below are 2009 Pop best artists’ songs in relation to albums – not songs, or albums, and artists. My top 5 best reflect the year they dictated: 2009 – The Death of The Fame’s Fear.

“D.O.A. (Death of Autotune)”/The Blueprint 3 – Jay-Z

Hov on that new sxxt, like how come/ Want my old sxxt, buy my old album
Stuck on stupid, I gotta keep it moving/ Make the same sxxt, me I make the blueprint


“Bad Romance”/The Fame Monster – Lady GaGa

Got no direction, just got my vamp/ Take a bite of my bad girl meat, take a bite of me
Show me your teeth


“The Fear”/It’s Not Me, It’s You – Lily Allen

I don’t know much, but I know this for certain/ And that is the sun poking its head round the curtain
Now please can we leave? I’d like to go to bed now/ It’s not just the sun that is hurting my head now
I’m not trying to say that I’m smelling of roses/ But when will we tire of putting sxxt up our noses
I don’t like staying up, staying up past the sunlight/ It’s meant to be fun and it just doesn’t feel right


“Colourless Colour”/La Roux – La Roux

My reflections are protections/ They will keep me from destruction
My directions are distractions/ When you’re ready, come into the light


“Man in the Mirror”/This is It – Michael Jackson

A willow deeply scarred/ Somebody’s broken heart
And a washed-out dream/ They follow the pattern of the wind, you see
Cause they got to place to be/ That’s why I’m starting with me

“I am a neo-luddite, goodbye.”

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Lily Allen’s heretofore final tweet


is beginning to look like a great recap of 2009. Neo-luddism is finding a renaissance from Lily’s anti-piracy crusade, to Jay-Z’s all black everything’s anti-autotune coup. As they say, “as above so below…”


Watch this space: as the year draws to a close, it is looking more and more like the end of one era — you know, now that Woodstock, Sesame Street, and the Gap, like Jay-Z, are on their 40th run around the calendar and on their way over the hill — on the brink of the next cultural and generational frontier. Just as quickly as technology dictated the past decade — how we communicate, how we connect, with whom we connect at such immediate frequency, the vast archives of information at our fingertips, the juxtapositional ease in providing and prohibiting the flow of said information, our increased familiarity and understanding of people/places/societies until now foreign to us, our ability to create new and innovative forms of art/music/expression/science/medicine — its inundation and our dependence/preoccupation on this new media turned this miracle medium into a detriment to authenticity and basic human interaction. Now we are seeing a backlash: from the banning of Twitter in various settings, to the FCC’s blogger-centric regulatory proposals, to the general view of social media as a somewhat narcissistic, basically superficial, means of recreation; not considering that social media is a medium merely a channel that transfers content. While the medium is amazing, and is a message in its own right, Twitter for instance is a throughway for human ideas and their exchange. Just like magazines, television, offer entertainment-based programs, just as there are public broadcast, news, scientific, etc. stations, so Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr offer entertainment, news-oriented, etc. content and conversation — Twitter the medium, the tweet remains the human message. That said, we are seeing a digital coup de etat from the top down. It’s about balance and perspective, take the Mac/PC/Web 2.0 enigma off the pedestal, integrate it into culture, instead of fragment and treat it as a separate entity (a la “The Social Media” as opposed to the media — like print, like broadcast, etc.) and it won’t be a problem. This should be interesting to see how the neo-neo-luddites impact the coming year.

Watch that space: Truth is truth. At the end of the day, technology is only as powerful, useful, significant, and effective as we make it — we are the authentic soul behind the artificially intelligent cold. Drummers are born with that spirit; because, well, it’s hard to have a drum machine keep the heart of the beat.

Music Monday: Lily Allen’s Anti-Piracy Crusade

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So, Lily Allen –– yes, that Lily Allen –– is back on the soapbox again. Ever the donna of the digital domain, Ms. Allen hit up MySpace, Twitter, and even created a blog to bring attention to a cause that is of paramount importance to her, her country, and the world –– music piracy.

Now more than ever, in the midst of Kanye-Swiftgate, we’ve got to look at the big picture. The pop spectacle is all fun and games, until you realize that people aren’t joking. The devil is in the details –– literally. Where Kanye’s blip-on-the-radar-screen “outburst” (still baffled by the media’s word choice on that one)  shifted focus from national priorities like, oh, I don’t know, healthcare reform, to a week of punchlines –– no, wait, imma let you finish –– Lily’s most recent tirade is overshadowing other worthwhile crusades. Lily of all people should know this, but I digress. The devil is in the fact that people’s attention is diverted by the details, the effects –– the award show antics, the anti-filesharing rants, Joe Wilson’s debatably racist remark –– and not on the big picture, or the causes –– media hyping pop culture to the point of perception as reality, the future of business and namely the music industry in the face of technological innovation, racism in American politics and society (furthermore, the focus on isolated racist comments, versus the institutionalized racism/prejudice of over 35 million people without healthcare).

That said, I’m not going to focus on the issue of music piracy in and of itself –– whether it’s right, wrong, inevitable, etc. –– but rather, the issue of music piracy’s priority within the bigger scheme of social progress, government involvement, and the always important “so what” factor. So, beyond the legal implications (intellectual property/copyright law, Napster and Betamax cases, Creative Commons, debate between prioritizing creative/commercial artistic value, etc.) I’ll keep my two cents short:

Unforgettable, Vol. 2: Lily Allen – My Second Mixtape

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Fresh off the heels of her brilliant My First Mixtape, Lily Allen released the appropriately-titled follow-up, My Second Mixtape. Compared to MFM, MSM is darker, heavier, more urban, more chaotic – like Day & Night. It’s unforgettable because from the mindset of a young artist facing the sophomore slump – an artist fed up with the scene, coming down from the freshman high, in search of a definitive, unique voice and place — comes the musical mosaic of an artist on the brink of senior status.

Whereas MFM was a UK millennial girl’s devil-may-care-but-i-care-greatly look at her persona in relation to music – all of it – MSM delves deeper to the core of her person in the midst of modern music. Like MFM, MSM has an infectious sound; it is a smattering of drum n bass, r&b, rap, psychedelic, etc. There’s dozens of themes and messages hidden within the lyrics, titles, and beats – again, Lily requires dissertations not reviews – but beyond the complexities is the simple fact that everything this girl produces, makes sense. More importantly, everything she produces makes sense of everything of which she is a product.