East Angelean Echoes and Transatlantic Tempos… Little Boots’ Working Girl Promo Tour, Live at The Echo

Live, Soundtrek, TK:LA

The Siren: Victoria “Little Boots” Hesketh

The Sound: Synthpop, nu-disco, deep house, electro house… mercurial melange of old and new

The Scene: East Angelean echoes, deep bass, dark clothes, dim lighting, disco flying, summer swelter, low-key shelter, electronic dance shows, less wubba wubba, more water cooler… minimalist staging, maximalist sound, in a way that pulls facade from the corporate tower and floods the underground… america is all show business, and we cosmic dancers are all working girls…

A Few of My Favorite Things… 2011: Boots


Boots are made for stunting and that’s just what they’ll do… and one of these years these boots are gonna stunt all over you..Little Boots were made for shaking and heartbreaks…

Swipe’s were made for trekking the transatlantic scape… Doc’s were made for leaving a footprint on the place… Politicians, happy-until-a-week-later marriages, Hauskeepers, one-percenters, tea-sippers, common sense and decency got a boot to the temple… This year, the bottom fell out in a most spectacular way; how do you deploy angels? Close your eyes… and just listen to the sounds… of these big, black, boots

Night in the Sweype: Little Boots “Shake” Launch Party – London

Live, Soundtrek, TK:LDN

The Siren: Victoria “Little Boots” Hesketh

The Sound: Neo-Disco Electro-synth Brit-Pop

The Scene: Black and Gold, Blue-eyed synth soul… Lights, Camera, Passion in an East London Secret Warehouse… Half rave cave, half Factory foyer… Shake it ’til you make it, then make it shake… While you’re at it: shake it ’til your heart breaks and deluges limitless sonic sublime across the scape…