The Re-Branding of America: Real World Cancun


MTV is at it again like Timbaland & Magoo with “The Real World: Cancun”

To me, this is the perfect locale for The Real World right now. Cancun brings the fun, sun, drama, flash, pizzaz, fantasy island-esque feel that “The MTV Generation” is notorious for gobbling up with an insatiable greed.

I still remember being a young ladette entranced by the tropical glow of MTV’s Springer Break — y’know to get back to the true meaning of Easter, being on holiday break and all … bearing witness to the fact that even today after death (blackouts, reputation-killing escapades broadcast nationwide, etc.) anyone could arise three days later — albeit to their respective homes or college campuses where a probation citation would await any Spring Breaking student …

The Re-Branding of America: Boys will be Border Patrol …


America: we are paranoid, underfunded, overpopulated, our southern border states tend to be a bit xenophobic, and we are xenophobically paranoid about overpopulation. What to do … what to do? Turn boy scouts into border patrol.


How did we get so paranoid, to the point where we breed children for battle, you ask.

The Re-Branding of America: Tax Day Tea Parties – Quiet Riots for “Smart Mobs”


Tax Day Protests … Riots for people who can afford to not loot stores


So who’s behind the Tax Day tea parties? Ordinary folks who are using the power of the Internet to organize. For a number of years, techno-geeks have been organizing “flash crowds.” This is part of a general phenomenon dubbed “Smart Mobs” by Howard Rheingold.

Because the only thing that strikes more fear in people’s hearts than words “Tea Party” is “Smart Mob.” Viva la Revolucion.

This influx of new energy and new talent is likely to inject new life into small-government politics around the nation. The mainstream Republican Party still seems limp and disorganized. This grassroots effort may revitalize it. Or the tea-party movement may lead to a new third party that may replace the GOP, just as the GOP replaced the fractured and hapless Whigs.

Watch out Dems … they’re organizing — and unifying. You know what happens when the GOP gets “revitalized”:

The “Smart Mobs” put their heads together and pick leaders that put Mensa to shame …

and give socialists the fear; they’ve already got Barack running for the Border — along with everyone else

Watch this space: I think Smart Mob is a code-word — a euphemistic strech of the imagination, perhaps; they’re Teabaggers

Kesey, get on the bus: Oh yeah!


Get on the bus kids, and don’t forget the orange juice


This pop-politics cultural pendulum was getting a bit predictable — and socialist: Obama/JFK, Woodstock/Woodstock, Rasmussen stats, etc.

Drug culture though — it’s hard to see that pendulum going back to a peaceful place — think less Merry more Barry, less Pranksters more gangsters, less Kesey more Jeezy. If anyone can make something sparkle and shine again though, it’s Hollywood.

If Hollywood can’t make drug culture sparkle and shine, California legislation can make it legal.

Watch this space: If the legalization route doesn’t work, I smell a sequel “The Electric Kool-Aid Extra Credit: ‘Hey Kesey, you boys ever been to Mexico?'”