MdM Playlistic: May Sera, Sera

Indie alter-ego post from the Motel … Music imitates life: the riches works are those with subtle progressions, elevating you to the finale without losing the foundation.

The Quarter: Title Mag

The kid’s alright … Title Magazine Editor-in-Chief Catherine Bui stopped by the Motel to let us in on her latest work: The Quarter is a fourth of a dollar and the Fourth Estate went from promoting public opinion to profiting the private sector – but a quarter is still a fourth and it’s always a…

Distriction: Coming coming … back back … to DC DC

Short stint in Atlanta sadly coming to a close, but we all knew the return was imminent … While I’m Mid-Air, a little something to get the DC mode going for the rest of you: Distriction: City Soul See you on the other side.