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Unforgettable, Vol. 10: N.E.R.D. – In Search Of…

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“No one ever really dies… You believe that? Well, if not – for you – it’s almost over now.”

Where we left off with Justice’s French futuristic opera, we pick up with the album that almost was an electronic “eh,” but instead became a funk-infused flashback that found more in searching than most others did in attaining.

Pharrell “the Imperial Skateboard P” Williams, Chad Hugo, and Shay Haley, better known as N.E.R.D., while on the brink of The Neptunes’ next-level stranglehold on Western radio, retreated to Europe to release their highly anticipated debut album as a trio. Then, as modern lore has it, they recorded the original as an electronic album, decided it was trash (read: American Top 40 Treasure), went back in the studio to record the album with live instruments, and shipped it as a proper international release.

In 2010, in the spirit of moving on to the next one: I say we all embark on a similar search.

Kesey, get on the bus: Oh yeah!


Get on the bus kids, and don’t forget the orange juice


This pop-politics cultural pendulum was getting a bit predictable — and socialist: Obama/JFK, Woodstock/Woodstock, Rasmussen stats, etc.

Drug culture though — it’s hard to see that pendulum going back to a peaceful place — think less Merry more Barry, less Pranksters more gangsters, less Kesey more Jeezy. If anyone can make something sparkle and shine again though, it’s Hollywood.

If Hollywood can’t make drug culture sparkle and shine, California legislation can make it legal.

Watch this space: If the legalization route doesn’t work, I smell a sequel “The Electric Kool-Aid Extra Credit: ‘Hey Kesey, you boys ever been to Mexico?'”


Because I’m busy that’s why


Like N.E.R.D. said “It’s time for some action,” so while I’m out studying the world in 4 minutes just know I’ve got the wiings to stay fly. Schoolwork, work work, life work: only work if you work them

In between inspiration: synthetic …

and organic …

I work hard now so I won’t have to settle for situations involving Sarah later.

Though it’s still not too late for her to employ my no-fail two-step plan: magazines and manners, remember them — keep those in mind and it should be easy sailin’ for Palin. As for where that tugboat is going exactly, I’m sure I don’t know; but there’s bound to be a loyal fleet of good ol’ boats following.

Watch this space: Will discuss after I TiVo it …

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