On Coup d’eGas and the Ides of March #roselandfuneral


In the wake of G.U.Y.’s media blitz d’etat let’s look at what might be lingering behind the if 27 is the new black, 28 stays golden: now look who’s back collective funeral of roses #roselandfuneral


I don’t know what ARTPOP means for anything but I can’t shake the feeling that whatever it will inevitably become started long ago, is in continuous present perpetuation, and will be simultaneously happening in increasing measure well into the future… that being said: it could be an ongoing Shakespearean three act play #byanyotherfame

Act First: #entitledanothertimeiwasangry that time when Gaga kicked off a seven-show residency to close out Manhattan’s legendary Roseland Ballroom. Basically, she memorialized her golden birthday with a 10-day funeral … at practically the one place where you couldn’t land a gig on the come-up: the famed Manhattan concert venue… #andthisisthefamed

LG-RBRI’m not sure what ARTPOP means for incumbent entertainment venue institutions but – whatever.

Dime Dailies: ACE’s Wild – Subway Scenes June 15


I don’t know about the 2, but I can vouch and say that, whenever the subway shuffles and deals, ACE is always wild… today was a bit mild – but still

Why Mrs. Taylor! What red eyes you have… looks like someone’s been seeing Brooklyn from the eyes of a native – Absolutly. If there’s one thing the third, all-seeing, eye never loses sight of, it’s fashion: work it, corporate June Cleaver.